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Here's your perfect pool float, according to your zodiac sign

August = pool party season! When you're planning the ultimate end-of-summer bash for your crew or splashing around at your community swim center, pool floats are a must. Not only are they perfect for any Instagram squad pics, but they also make swimming so much more fun. Find your zodiac sign and match up with a pool accessory that is sure to float your boat.


Amazon, $16

Practical *and* cute? Definitely something right up a Capricorn's alley. This set has 15 of the cutest drink pool floats that are perfect for any pool party. They can both be used outside of the pool—hello, cute decor—or in the pool. 


Walmart, $50

Aquarius are known as the creative and smart star sign, and you are no exception! This pool float will perfectly fit in your green IG aesthetic. After all, the cup holders are the perfect way to never forget your homemade lemonade on the kitchen table.


Amazon, $15

Sweet, outgoing and full of happiness? Sounds like a Pisces! Just like ice cream, you're always putting others' joy first and can make people smile the *second* they see you. For your more creative side, this pool float is different than the standard ones—and who doesn't like to think outside of the box!


Target, $8

Aries are known to be funny and optimistic. Their shining personality keeps them at the center of attention because they are full of charm. Best of all, they always want everyone to be happy and to create joy, which is why this donut floatie is perfect for you.


Amazon, $14

This glamorous flamingo pool float is perfect for any material girl. Not only is it stylish—just like you—but the matching drink holder is perfect for a tasty iced tea. If you are a Taurus, chances are you love happiness, fun and all things trendy. This pool float definitely screams your name.


Amazon, $15

Just like this pool float, Geminis are extroverted and fun. Your star sign doesn't lie: You are on top of making sure that everyone is having a good time and are totally adaptable. This unique and creative float will 100% be a crowd pleaser.


Amazon, $15

Cancers are always to go-to friend for advice because of their compassionate and loyal nature. They are able to sense other people's feelings with ease. This three-pack of classic pool floats allows for you and your two BFFs to have a catch-up sesh while getting some *much* need R&R. Plus, the glitter adds something extra to the floats and makes for the perfect IG story pic.


Amazon, $56

If you have been searching all over the web for a float that matches your confident and cool personality, then this is the perfect one for you. Not only will it stop the show, but it totally will match any Leo's wildest dreams. 


Amazon, $12

If you're the type of Virgo to start volunteering at the animal shelter *and* start an environmental club, let us introduce you to a turtle float. And yes, there are two handles to ensure that you enjoy the sun without even getting your hair wet.


Target, $4

Known for being both sensible and glam? Libras. They love having it all while keeping everything balanced. This pool float is a mix of everything that you could want with its practicality, cute color and stellar cost—which makes it a perfect fit for any Libra.


Amazon, $13

Calling all sporty Scorpios: We have the ultimate pool float for you. When splashing around in the pool gets dull, try out a couple of games of volleyball that will get everyone involved. Let your natural-born leadership shine and bring your team to victory! 


Amazon, $17

If you're a Sagittarius, you definitely have an energy that brings people together. However, you also like to have some alone time and choose what you want to do. This two-piece game set is calling your name because it allows for fun both in the group setting or when you need some alone time.

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by Elizabeth Gregg | 8/2/2022