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What you should spring clean, based on your zodiac sign

Let's get into exactly what you should be sweeping out of your life right now, shall we?

As the new moon in forward-thinking Aries kicks off the month on April 1, you'll be prompted to consider changes in your life.

But before you can implement new habits, friendships and outfits into your rotation, your life could probably use a bit of spring cleaning. Don't worry, it doesn't mean you have to clean your room (unless you're an Earth sign, in which case you probably will anyway).

Spring cleaning can mean anything from hitting pause on complicated relationships to cutting out the negative things you say to yourself, leaving room for something much better.

Taurus season, which starts on April 19, is all about home, self-care and feeling good with who you are, making April the perfect month to start the process and really be in touch with what you need rn. 

By May 16, there will be a full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio—a powerful astrological event that gives you the final push to step into your own and toss out anything that no longer serves you. So get ready to say goodbye to baggage and hello to a new, happier vibe. 


Take away: Impossibly high expectations
Add: A daily gratitude journal

Aries is known for perfectionism: You're not afraid to go for the top grades, best hangouts and biggest crushes. Lately though, these high expectations are leaving you too stressed to live in the moment. (Why organize a picnic with your girls if all you're doing is checking your phone for crush updates every second?) Instead, try to focus on one or two things you really care about and truly savor them. Now *that* is the definition of living your best life. 


Take away: Decor that secretly bugs you on the daily
Add: A small change that makes a big difference

This is your season, so make the most of it with a room makeover. Do a scan of your space and be honest about what kind of annoys you, even if it's subtle. Bed full of stuffed animals you've outgrown? Cluttered corners of your desk? A half-dead cactus? Be ruthless in your analysis, then reward yourself with an addition to the mix that changes everything—maybe a hidden drawer organizer or a print that ties your space together. 


Take away: Plans you're not really that into
Add: More one-on-one time with friends

Geminis are social butterflies, but just because you get along with pretty much everyone doesn't mean you have to say yes to everything. Now's the time to politely decline if you're not up for plans. Yes, it's OK to just want a Saturday night to yourself for a solo hang. Are there friends you barely get to talk to in your crew? Long overdue for a call with your bestie? A chill chat could be just as restorative as hitting the party. 


Take away: Negative self-talk
Add: Positive affirmations

Of all the signs, Cancers can be srsly self-defeating. If you're being hard on yourself for feeling shy, accidentally saying the wrong thing or showing up five minutes late—well, this is a good time to check if you're judging yourself too harshly. Then, give yourself credit for all the moments you *do* put yourself out there. Part of getting closer to people and enjoying the fullest life means forgiving yourself when things go a little wrong—and applauding yourself for taking the risk anyway. 


Take away: Desire for approval
Add: Doing something just for you

Leo, you're the main character of the zodiac. And it can be hard for you to handle a lukewarm reception from anyone (a delayed text can send you reeling). While getting fab feedback feels amazing in the moment, life gets complicated when you crave constant approval. What can be even more empowering? Doing something for yourself: volunteering, baking, journaling. Be the star in a performance for one, just this once. 


Take away: Work you don't reeeeally need to do
Add: A screen-free break

What sign is prone to over-focusing on tiny tasks? It's you, Virgo. When you find a rare moment with nothing to do, you prefer to seek out fresh challenges instead of (shudder) simply relaxing. But skipping the recharge leaves you far more burned out in the long run. For a change, trust that you'll get everything you need to get done done—after a bubble bath/reading/scented candle break. Then you can go back to feverishly crossing off that to-do list (ahhh). 


Take away: Anything that throws you off balance
Add: A supportive friend or family member

Libra takes balance seriously: If something feels off (schoolwork, BFF, sleep), it quickly bleeds in every aspect of your life, making you v. stressed. One often overlooked fix (especially for a social sign like yours) is talking out probs big and small with someone you really trust—a parent, a teacher, an empathetic friend—to help you nip any growing struggles in the bud...before they burst into an unruly garden. 


Take away: Confusing relationships
Add: People you feel really secure with

Scorpios are experts at uncovering sus behavior, but that doesn't mean it's a good place to hang long-term. If anyone (be it a crush or BFF) makes you feel like you constantly have to figure them out (like when they watch your stories but don't text back), that's a sign that this isn't the healthiest relationship for you. Instead of extending energy to understand them, surround yourself with a squad that shows you unconditional love. 


Take away: Fear of emotional risks
Add: Vulnerability

When faced with a problem, Sags are the type to run away. A friend fight or low in grades in class? You're likely to cope by busying yourself with distractions. But unresolved tensions tend to grow bigger with time (and still stay on your mind, no matter where you are or what you're doing). It's better to confront the struggle head-on, even if that means doing something scary—like opening up to your friend or talking to a teacher. You can solve this one, trust. 


Take away: Clothes you've spiritually (or physically) outgrown
Add: A piece that feels unequivocally *you*

As an earthy Capricorn, you feel peak confidence when you really love what you're wearing. So time to let go of those pieces that fit funky or don't really speak to you anymore. But beyond a closet cleanout, start a Pinterest board or save your fave fashion-inspo TikToks to help define your style. Then, treat yourself to something (even as small as a cute ring) that makes you feel genuine excitement to wear it. 


Take away: Outdated ideas about yourself
Add: Pie-in-the-sky goals for the year 

Aquarians are known to stick by their ideas. Where the danger lies is being forever set in your ways: You tell yourself you're an introvert or you're meh at math. But, the truth is, you're a work in progress. That's why it's good to challenge beliefs. Maybe you're more outgoing than you think. Maybe you're misunderstanding one teeny thing in algebra. Try a new outlook—and see what knowledge you come back with. Can't hurt, right?


Take away: Assuming the worst in situations
Add: Emotional timeouts

Pisces are all in their feels. The good news is you're great at identifying emotions and letting yourself be upset when you've been hurt . Sometimes, though, that can lead to you seeing your side as the *only* side—causing you to shut down and hold grudges. So after you've had a vent session, give yourself some space to not think about the issue for a while. Maybe you're right in cutting someone out, but it's worth finding the confidence before you make the call. 

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Story edited for digital coverage by Allie Lijewski.


by Lily Johnson | 4/20/2022