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Lice! What now and why me?

I've only been back at school for a few weeks and now I have lice! What do I do and why did this happen to me?

Don’t fret, you’re just another one of the “chosen” 10 million people each year infected by these tiny blood-sucking insects. So how were you lucky enough to get bugged out? “Lice typically favor straight hair,” says dermatologist Dr. Robert Brodell. “They’re transferred by sharing hats, combs, brushes and even just simple head contact. They cling to the hair and lay eggs, called nits, which are visible.” Once the lice attack, your scalp can itch and become crusty.
Yummy, huh? Dr. Brodell recommends banishing the critters with an over-the-counter medication containing permethrin. You should also try to pick out the eggs with a special nit-removing comb. Then banish the buggers forever by washing all your brushes, combs, clothes and sheets in hot water.

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by GL | 2/1/2016