These are the most positive Insta accounts you should follow


So you just can't bring yourself to do a social media detox? That's okay! Even if giving up your phone is impossible (or feels like it, at least), there are things you can do to make your tech time better for you. Your feeds should be full of things that, well, feed your soul so we found 11 Insta accounts that will give you *all* the good vibes. 

1. Yoga Inspiration (@yogainspiration)
Whether you consider yourself a yogi or don't even know the diff between down dog and up dog, Yoga Inspiration is full of stunning poses and inspirational quotes that can apply to your morning stretches *and* life. 

2. Good Vibes Only (@gvoquotes)
Follow this account for good vibes (duh). They post a thought-provoking quote seven days a week.

3. Positive Vibes Quotes (@positivevibesquotes)
This Insta account seeks to "inspire positivity one post at a time," and we think they're doing a pretty good job. Why not fill your day with positive quotes? 

4. Ibiza Good Vibes (@ibizagoodvibes)
When you hit the beach, you're looking to relax. Even though it's a total tragedy that every day isn't beach day, these posts will give you some beach feels with their stunning and serene Spain pics.

5. Good Vibes (@goodvibes_goodthoughts)
Good Vibes keeps your mind in check by reminding you to be yourself and embrace who you are. And we have to agree—you're pretty amazing!

6. Sabina (@thesabinakarlsson)
If you've been searching for some body positivity, follow Sabina, a Swedish model who isn't afraid to share how gorgeous she is. Her posts will remind you that we're all special and it's okay to #loveyourself.

7. Girl Quotes (@girlpower_quotes)
Head over to Girl Quotes for your girl power fix. These pics give you just the boost you need to conquer the rest of the day.

8. @actuallyshecan
This adorbs account wants followers to "turn up the positive and just do you." And scrolling through their feed does just that. How can you possibly have a bad day when you look at dogs, quotes, gifs and more that are all so #relatable?

9. Malala Fund (@Malala Fund)
Malala has been making waves accross the globe by giving a voice to the voiceless and taking a stand for other girls. Stay up-to-date with what this teen is doing—you can thank us later. 

10. Girls On The Run International (@girlsontheruninternational)
Girls on the Run has been motivating girls to build community and confidence while getting healthy. Their Instagram account is just as inspirational as their mission, with constant pics of happy, strong girls and the *best* quotes. 

11. Oh Happy Day (@ohhappyday)
This is technically a DIY and party account. But the feed is just so cheerful, colorful and uplifting that we had to add it in. Bright colors? Check! Happy vibes? Check! Inspirational photos? Check! The DIYs are just an added bonus.

What else do you do to give your Insta feed good vibes? Tell us in the comments!

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by Aly Prouty | 9/10/2018
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