Hair perfumes that actually last all day (and make you smell amazing)

From buying a sugar scrub for your next everything shower to carrying around a rollerball perfume in your bag, sometimes it feels like we have to go the extra mile to make up for body mists that smell good one second and totally disappear the next. While reapplying seems to do the trick, finding that one spritz-and-go product is the ultimate goal.

Your next fragrance game changer? Hair perfumes. These mists are making their names known in the beauty world for not just smelling good, but also having ingredients to keep your hair healthy. We've found five hair perfumes that smell ah-mazing for you to add to your everyday routine (no reapplication necessary).



Yep, this is the perf smell for all our clean girl aesthetic bb's. Sachajuan, a Scandinavian brand, brings you not just a fab hair fragrance, but a product that reduces static and acts as an overall heat protectant for your flat iron or curling wand uses. Don't be fooled by the minimalistic packaging—the inside is jam-packed with notes of green apple and cedarwood for those days you want to smell fresh.

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Strawberry Hair Shot, $15

Whether you're going on a nature walk or trying out that yoga class on your bucket list, Hair Shots has single-handedly solved the on-the-go girlies' perfume dilemmas. Their secret to all-day fragrance? A heat-activated formula that makes the smell stronger when you're out in the sun, exercising or just in an overall warmer environment. With nine scents to choose from (we are loving their watermelon scent— it smells *just* like a Jolly Rancher!) smelling good won't feel like a chore.

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Honey Infused hair perfume, $83

Picture this: a puff-sleeve dress, flower decor and honey lavender treats. Gisou takes all these garden party vibes and packs 'em into three ounces of hair perfume. Skipped your hair wash day? No biggie: Gisou is all about refreshing your hair and keeping you smelling angelic. Using honey from their very own founder's bee garden, Gisou infuses each bottle with ingredients that are organic and keep you smelling irresistible all day.

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Pink Sugar

Did someone say Barbiecore? Bc this pretty-in-pink bottle is *so* giving life in the Dreamhouse. Pink Sugar's hair perfume is the ultimate mix of vanilla and caramel for those days you want to smell extra sweet. If strong sugary smells aren't really your thing, the brand also offers Berry Blast (a fruity smell) and creamy sunshine (for a more tropical feel).

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Deja Vu White Flower Hair Mist, $43

OK, Kayali is serving lush from head to toe. This hair mist is packed with green pear, citrus and slight hints of vanilla for a lightweight, strong scent. No need to worry about this drying out your hair—it is alcohol-free and uses ingredients like aloe vera and castor oil to nourish your strands (and add a little natural glow to it, too).

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by Annika Chaves | 9/20/2023