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Six more weeks of winter means one thing: It’s time to grab all of our warm, delish drinks, especially some tea. What makes drinking tea even better is that it gives us a bunch of health benefits that make our bodies feel great. But did you know that drinking a certain type of tea could completely change your mood? If you’re feeling stressed out, there’s a specific type of tea you should be drinking. Keep on reading to find out what type of tea you should drink whenyour bod *and* mind will thank ya for it!

Sleepy? Lavender tea.
Our pick:
Traditional Medicinals Nighty Night, $7
Drinking a tea with lavender herbs in it will help you relax and have a good night sleep. The plant is in the mint family and will help slow down your heart rate, easing your mind so you can sleep peacefully. 

Full of energy? Ginger tea.
Our pick:
Yogi Ginger Tea, $4
This tea will help your body absorb nutrients and improve your circulation. It’s a great drink to give your bod before exercisingthis way, you’ll have more than enough energy to conquer your workout routine.

Can’t get out of bed? Chai tea.
Our pick:
Tazo Classic Chai Tea, $3
For most of us, it’s pretty hard to get out of bed. Before going to school, grab a cup of chai tea and you’ll instantly feel more awake. The minerals in the tea are super healthy and they stimulate your mind to be more alert. We could all use some of this stuff.

Stressed out? Chamomile tea.
Our pick:
Tazo Calm Chamomile, $3
When you feel like you have a million things on your shoulders, drink a cup of chamomile tea and you should feel more relaxed and comfortable. The lemon and citrus taste will refresh your body and mind. It’s delicious, too.

Happy? Peppermint tea.
Our pick:
Yogi Tea Purely Peppermint, $4
What better excuse to drink something with a holiday-related flavor? Drinking peppermint tea will definitely boost your mood, bringing in a ton of positivity and happiness to your day. It’s sweet, but not too strong.

Upset? Orange tea.
Our pick:
Lipton Orange Tea, $5
This tea is rich in vitamin C and is a great antioxidant. Plus, its citrus flavor can make you feel better whether you’re feeling sick or just having a rough day.

Nervous or scared? Tart cherry tea.
Our pick:
Celestial Seasonings Black Cherry Tea, $4
If you have a big test or audition and you’re feeling extra anxious, drinking cherry tea will help calm you down. The herbs and minerals used in it will help satisfy your bod and prepare you for anything you've got going on. 

Exhausted? Green tea.
Our pick:
Bigelow Organic Green Tea, $4
Drinking a cup of green tea everyday really does miracles. It cleanses your body and prevents a lot of diseases like Diabetes and Parkinson’s. But it's also awesome for your mind. After a long day, sipping on this tea will make you feel more refreshed and tranquil. 

Who knew that tea has so many benefits? What’s your favorite flavor? Let us know in the comments below!

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by Yasmeena Fakhouri | 2/7/2017