Yummy low cal veggie snacks we heart


Somewhere in between the turkey talk and all those tasty santa cookies, you finally feel like you’ve had enough. And if ya  just can’t bear to bite another bit of junk food—what you really need is a healthy little somethin' to munch on. Look no further cause we’ve got close to zero calorie noms to help you balance out all the holiday pounds. 


In the race of healthy foods, celery comes first place! Each serving contains about 14-16 calories. Because of the little workout your mouth gets from chewing, you actually burn fat when you nibble this snack. Since this vegetable is so low on cals, you can afford to sweeten it up with a tablespoon of peanut butter—talk about the perfect afterschool snack.


So everyone knows that water is zero calories right? Well, since cucumbers are mostly made of water, you only ingest about 16 calories per serving! This snack is perfect to binge on because you can eat as much as you want and still keep your total number of calories to a minimum.

Zest up your cucumber snack by dipping slices into a light ranch dressing; super tasty, super filling.


Okay so by now everyone has heard of the kale craze. These days every fit chick is putting that weird green stuff on everything (like salads, shakes, soups etc.) and here’s why: it’s only about 33 calories per serving! Bake some kale chips with light salt for a yummazing lunchtime snack. It’s so much better for ya than those regular potato chips.

What kind of zero cal snack do you heart? Share in the comments below!


by Laurise McMillian | 2/1/2016