Flu shots: We're debunking all the myths


It's flu shot season, and since no one wants to catch that nasty virus, many opt for the ten second promising prick that gaurds our immune system from the unwanted virus. But could getting the yearly shot make you sick? And do you really need to get it every year? Since there are so many myths out there about the vaccine, we're debunking 6 that are totally bonkers. That way, you can forget what you've heard and stick to the facts. Here's what we know:

The flu vaccine can give you the flu

Total baloney! The flu vaccine contains inactivated viruses that provide protection against getting infected with the flu. The reason people get sick after the flu could be because they were sick before receiving the vaccine and didn’t know it yet. It takes 1-3 days before flu symptoms start to show. If you feel crummy after getting the shot, most likely it's just a temporary reaction--but nothing serious.

You can’t get the flu vaccine if you’re allergic to eggs

The flu shot does contain egg protein but that doesn’t necessarily mean people allergic to eggs can’t get the flu shot. People who have any kind of allergy should always check with their doctor before getting any vaccines. The Center for Disease Control has released a flowchart for people who are allergic to eggs. 

If you got the flu vaccine last year you don’t need to get it this year

Protect yourself, ladies. Each year there are different strains added to the vaccine. Strains are the kinds of flu viruses that are most prominent in the United States during that year. The strains in last year’s vaccine might not be the strains that you need this year to protect you against the infection.

You’ve never gotten the flu before so you don’t need the vaccine

You can never be too safe when it comes to the flu--just because you haven’t gotten the flu in the past doesn’t mean you won’t get it in the future. Play it safe this winter and get the vaccine, you won't regret you did it!

Washing your hands and eating healthy is enough to not get the flu

Good job on the hygiene and healthy eating habits, but sorry to tell’s not enough. No matter how much you wash those precious hands of yours you can still get the flu because it’s an airborne virus.

It’s already too late in the game so there’s no point in getting the vaccine now

Flu season is usually from November to February and can even last till May. Don’t give up on getting the vaccine just yet. It’s still not too late to get your protection against the flu.


Being sick totally sucks so lower your risk of getting infected and get the flu vaccine. But before getting the shot, remember to talk to your doctor first!

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by Bridget Mallory | 2/1/2016