5 fierce apps to help you get your fit on


Ugh. Homework is piling up, the temps are dropping, and summer is long gone -- but don’t fret! Get back to that happy-go-lucky, confident mentality you had over summer with a rad new fitness app! Nothing can boost your mood (and self-confidence) like a kick-butt sweat sesh. Take a break from the books and try these awesome apps that’ll be sure to give you a new reason to pump some iron with a smile.


  • 1_runkeeper.jpg

    Run Keeper (Free)

    Alright ladies, this might possibly be the best fitness app to have ever been created. Run Keeper uses your phone’s GPS to track distance traveled, time spent exercising, and calories burned while working out. Don’t worry if you don’t run (girlllll, me neither) because Run Keeper tracks distance whether you bike, roller-blade, power-walk or hiked! The best part of the app? It's basically like having a virtual trainer (minus the cost).

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  • 2_zombie.jpg

    Zombies, Run! ($3.99)

    Okay, so you may have noticed that we have mentioned Zombies, Run! on a couple other posts, but we can’t help it because GL LOVES ZOMBIES, RUN! Possibly the coolest, most creative fitness app ever, this app transports you into a survival game where you’re running for your life from Zombies. While running for survival, the app also tracks your distance and progress while you earn “power-ups” (ways to defeat the zombies) like ammunition and medicine. Plus, for those of you who don’t run unless something is chasing you, this app is very motivating. 

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  • 3_fitnesstrainer.jpg

    Fitness Trainer, $0.99

    Seriously, for newbies to the exercise world, this app is truly a lifesaver. Fitness Trainer creates personalized workout plans based on your current weight and the areas of the body you want to target (arms, abs, butt, etc.). Not only does it give you personalized workouts, but it also gives you workouts you can do from the comfort of your own bedroom—no bulky, scary gym equipment required!

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  • 4_juice.jpg

    Juice (Free)

    Juice is a genius way of tracking not only typical fitness activities (nutrition, energy, and exercise) but also important habits related to your wellbeing you don’t think about, like sleep, stress, mood, and relationships! Juice keeps track of activity levels and then suggests ways to enhance your levels in each of these categories. You don’t even have to think about ways to improve your health and energy—Juice does it for you! Basically, Juice is a lazy girl’s dream.

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  • 5_fitnesspal.jpg

    My Fitness Pal (Free)

    Trying to eat a little healthier? My Fitness Pal has you covered. This app helps you track the food you’ve eaten, plus it gives you all the cals, carbs and proteins that you have consumed throughout the day. If you eat oatmeal each morning, it'll save it as a fave food that way you don't have to search for it again, phew! Youll love therecipe calculator, that way you can view the nutritional info for the meals that you make at home, and eat out too! And if you really want to go above and beyond, you can also track the exercise you’ve done for the day. Talk about a totally easy way to get healthy!

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by Melanie White | 2/1/2016