How to clean your room when you can't get started

You’ve had a busy week. You had to walk your dog, find that matching sock to your fave pair, work on your history presentation and do a boatload of chores. There’s one thing you’ve been neglecting though. Your room. When it comes to your bedroom, it has the ability to be your sanctuary if you let it. If you’re procrastinating or struggling to tidy up your room, here are some ways to get the cleaning process started.

Image: Pexels

Start anywhere

Overthinking is an easy way to not get started on cleaning your room. Instead of overthinking, start anywhere. Once you get started you'll feel motivated to keep going. The more you get done, tasks that seem impossible will start to appear more doable.

Blast music/watch a show

This will help you forget that you're cleaning, and make the task go by fast. Make it a challenge and see how much you can get done in one episode of your fave show. For instance, if your show is 30 minutes long you can get motivation out of observing how much you got done in that time period.

Do the hardest tasks first

Doing hard tasks first will make the entire cleaning process less overwhelming. Organize your closet and do your laundry, and then work on minimal tasks like decluttering your desk and vacuuming. 

Clean in intervals

Allow yourself to have little breaks between cleaning. This will enable you to slowly see your progress and assess what else needs to get done. It will also allow you to prevent any burnout from taking place. Be careful to not break for too long! 

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by Franca Akenami | 12/8/2020