Turn your room into the *cutest* virtual classroom this fall

If your school is going online in the fall, there are def things you can do to give your room the perfect set up. The best way to start is by purchasing the cutest most aesthetically pleasing supplies and accessories to make your room the perfect virtual classroom. Unsure of where to start? Don't worry, we've put together a list of things for you to get that'll ensure you have the most stylin' set up for virtual learning this fall. 

Plants you *need* to spice up your room

These small plants are a great accessory to add to your virtual classroom this fall. You can get a small cactus, some flowers or any small succulent to keep your room looking fresh and fun. These cute plants will add some flair, making for the *perf* addition to your virtual classroom for the fall! Target, $4.99

Cute gel pens for the fall

Sick of writing in dull colors? These gel pens are the best way to do schoolwork in style, adding a splash of glam and a pop of color to each assignment! Amazon, $8.88

Whiteboard calendar

Prop this super cute whiteboard up on your wall and you'll never forget to submit an assignment again. It'll also help you keep track of Zoom study seshes with your crush and Netflix movie night with the girls. Did we mention it's also super aesthetically pleasing? Everase, $32.99

Lap desk

Sick of sitting upright all day? This lap desk will cure *all* your discomfort, and make online school a whole lot comfier. Now that you can take classes from your bed...maybe online school won't so bad after all. Bed Bath and Beyond, $19

Pineapple wall decal

This pineapple decal set is the perfect way to spruce up an empty wall, it'll also give you a super cute background for your zoom classes. Dormify, $20

Which virtual classroom accessory will you be in buying this fall? Snap a pic once it's all set up and tag @girlslifemag!


by Mara Greenberg and Hayley Miller | 9/8/2020