5 holiday dessert recipes you need to start making every year

It's the yummiest time of the year—Christmas! What are the holidays without that classic gingerbread house or your grandma's perfect cookies? But we're here to help you start some new family traditions in the form of five *delicious* dessert recipes. Turn on your fave holiday playlist and start baking!

1. Cozy Cranberry Bars

Cranberries are one very underrated holiday dessert ingredient. Instead of stringing them for your Christmas tree, try making these amazing bars. They are perfect for those movie-binge nights...or even for breakfast. 

2. Perfectly Peppermint Bark

We know peppermint bark is a holiday staple (queue Williams Sonoma). Did you know that it is actually a pretty easy DIY? Try this recipe and see if your friends can guess that you made it yourself!

3. Shareable Mini Cheesecakes 

Spread the Christmas spirit with these adorable mini chocolate-pomegranate cheesecakes. Bring these to a friend's holiday party to have a guaranteed favorite, or save them for your family because they're so good. 

4. Classic Cookie (with a twist)

If you aren't ready to *not* have sugar cookies as your holiday classic treat but are ready for something a little different, then these sugar cookie truffles are ideal for you. Truffles + no baking = perfect easy treat!

5. Super S'mores

Did you really think we'd leave you without just one cookie recipe? These s'mores cookies are absolutely delicious and are the perfect cookie to leave for Santa (unless they're all gone before then). Enjoy!

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by Miriam Riley | 12/23/2022