5 delish after-school snacks to try this spring

Picture this: you're *finally* done after 8 hours of grueling classes, you open the fridge and there's *nothing* to eat. What's a girl to do? Simple. Check out these super easy and super delish snack recipes!

1. Peanut butter energy balls

Not only are these super delish, they're also full of healthy protein, perfect to get you through a mountain of homework. Get the recipe HERE

2. Crispy roasted garbanzo beans

These are basically a potato chip's more nutritious sibling. Roast these up in the oven and enjoy that satisfying crunch. Get the recipe HERE

3. Dairy-free yogurt parfait

Switch to a dairy-free yogurt alternative (like Forager) for your next after-school snack. Not only is it better for the environment, but it's also just as filling! Pair with fresh fruit and yummy granola for the perf parfait. Check out Forager HERE.

4. Frozen chocolate banana bites

These banana bites taste *just* like Ben and Jerry's, without actually being ice cream. Now the hardest problem to solve: what to dip them in? Sprinkles? Coconut flakes? Get the recipe HERE.

5. Apple chips

Bake a big batch of apple chips on the weekend, and reach for them all throughout the week. Super easy, and they're super healthy as well! Get the recipe HERE.

What's your favorite snack recipe? Let us know on Twitter @girlslifemag!

All GIFs via GIPHY | Energy bites: Chef Savvy | Garbanzo beans: The Kitchn | Chocolate bananas: The Kitchn | Parfait: Forager | Apple chips: Well Plated


by Serena Sherwood | 3/9/2021