5 ways to make your fave meals vegetarian

If there was ever a day to try out being vegetarian, it would definitely be Earth Day. Vow to go green on this day, not just by turning off lights and taking shorter showers, but by eating more sustainable, meatless meals.


If you’ve never gone a day without eating meat and find the idea of it to be absurd, then take this as a challenge. It may be difficult, but you’ll be surprised by how motivated you will be when you accept it as the GL-Dares-Ya challenge it is. Plus, with a few simple switches, you can turn your fave meat-ful meals into delicious vegetarian dishes. Check out our fave switch-a-roos below:


Instead of chicken parm...try eggplant parm

Chicken covered with cheese and marinara sauce has to be one of the best meat meals ever created, but it is really easy to switch this to a vegetarian meal. Simply swap the chicken for eggplant. With all the cheese and sauce, you won’t even notice that the chicken is out of the picture. Plus, most restaurants already offer this as an option, making it a go-to indulgent Italian dish.


Instead of chicken stir-fry…try tofu stir-fry

A stir-fry is already full of really good veggies. Throw in some tofu and leave out the chicken or beef to make it a totally delicious vegetarian recipe. Tofu really doesn’t taste like anything, so once you sauté it with soy sauce, garlic, red pepper flakes and some hot chili sauce, it will be the best thing you have ever tasted.


Instead of beef lasagna…try spinach lasagna

Layers and layers of noodles, cheese, sauce and…spinach? Yup, forget the beef and reach for some spinach in this classic dish that everyone loves! The spinach makes this a veggie dish, gives you tonsa nutrients and you won’t even taste it because of all the other delicious ingredients.


Instead of a hamburger…try a black bean burger

Heading to a cookout? Opt for a black bean burger. This is probably the easiest switch because there are so many frozen veggie burgers to choose from if you don’t wanna DIY it. Pick up a package and have your parents throw it on the grill for you. Don’t forget about the toppings!


Instead of beef chili…try three-bean chili

Warm, spicy beef chili can make any day better. Except, of course, a day when you’re trying to be a vegetarian. Ditch the beef and triple the amount of beans in the chili. For a flavor boost, toss in our fave trio: black, red and pinto beans.


What’s your fave veggie dish? Are you gonna try to go vegetarian this Earth Day? Blog about it, babes.

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by Rachael Ellenbogen | 2/1/2016