Throw An Olympic Sleepover!

Are you psyched for the Vancouver Olympics? Us, too!

And we’ve got some awesome winter Olympic-inspired overnighter ideas to get you ready for the skiing, skating….and even curling.

Gold Medal Sugar Cookies
What better way to celebrate winter and the Olympics than to make gold medals out of sweet treats? Making sugar cookies is simple and fun, and you can make all sorts of fun shapes to go along with the Olympic theme. Check out this simple Sugar Cookie recipe right here (they’re for the holidays, but you can tweak ‘em to be Olympic-ready!). To make gold medals, just find your fave sugar cookie recipe and follow the baking directions. Then, take some gold or yellow icing and write “#1” or “1st Place!” on top, and violà! To add some additional flair to your medals, you can cut a hole out of the top pre-baking. Once they’re done, you can take some licorice as string to hang 'em just like the real deal.

Figure Skating, Minus the Ice
Figure skaters have amazing grace and beauty on the ice, and we totally wish we could do it like the pros. Even though you might not be talented enough to show your moves off on skates, you can always have fun dancing on solid ground! Get your girls together and have your own figure skating competition (without the actual rink, of course). You can judge each other's dances on a scale of 1-6 (just the way real skaters are scored!). Be sure to go crazy and have fun with your own choreographed moves, and choose a song you can really rock out to. Even funner? Ask each guest to bring a sparkly ensemble to wear during her performance. And give each girl crazy-dramatic makeup before they're set for center ice.

Curling Some Pillows
Curling is a really big Olympic sport. It involves a broom pushing a polished granite stone (which is actually REALLY heavy) as close to the center of a large bulls-eye as possible. We thought of a fun way to bring the fun of curling in the comfort of your own home with your friends! Find an area in your house with hardwood or laminate floors (anything but carpet, really) and set up some boundaries similar to a bulls-eye. Then grab some pillows from your bedroom or living room, one for each of your friends (smaller ones works best). One by one, slide the pillows as close to the center of the bulls-eye as possible. Closest chica wins!

-Molly Crawford

BLOG IT OUT! Do you do any sports featured in the winter Olympics? Which event is your fave?  What are you most excited to watch this year?


by GL | 2/1/2016