"I've Never..." Night

Looking for a new and fun game for your sleepover?
Look no further! "I've Never" is a fun and simple activity to learn things about your besties and for them to discover new stuff about you, too!

How it works:

Everyone holds up 10 fingers to start. One person says something that they’ve never done (hence the name of the game!). If other people haven’t done the thing either, you do nothing. But if you HAVE done the thing they haven’t, you put one finger down. Simple, right? When you run out of fingers, you’re out! Last person with fingers up wins.

Here are 10 sample starters to get your game goin’ (Psst! You can play the game with different themes like boys, silly stuff, etc.)

I've never...

1. Been to a foreign country.
2. Asked a guy out.
3. Been on a cruise ship.
4. Eaten seafood.
5. Been to a Jonas Brothers concert.
6. Gotten less than a B on my report card.
7. Been dumped.
8. Been a part of a wedding.
9. Made a scrapbook.
10. Been to a sleep-away camp.

BLOG IT OUT! Have you done anything of these things? Got any more great sleepover games? Tell us now!

-Molly Crawford


by GL | 2/1/2016