Throw an Athletic Overnighter

When it comes to January, the weather is always kinda ehh. We know you’re getting a li’l impatient for the flowers to pop out already. In the meantime, we’ve got some fun indoor activities to keep you going.

Best part about ‘em? You'll stick to those "get healthy" resolutions and burn some cals (while having a great time!). Once you’re done with all that booty-shaking, treat yourself to toasty ‘n’ healthy grub.

Breakin’ a Sweat '80s Style

Ever think of going back a few decades? Ask your 'rents if they have any old workout videos from the ‘80s that you and your chicas can borrow. Or, head to your local library and see what you can check out. Another great option is checking out classic ‘80s beats on You Tube (Cyndi Lauper, Michael Jackson and Madonna are some of our faves!). Once you’ve got a vid, put on some spandex (sparkles encouraged!), secure a high pony with a neon scrunchie and sweatband and get ready to rumble! You and your friends will be laughing up a storm with this blast into the past.

Rockin' Relay Race

Divide into two teams and make sure that there is an equal amount of people on each team. Of course, before you start, each team can come up with a creative name. Set an obstacle course in a large family room or basement (psst! Ask mom and pops first to make sure they don’t mind!). For example, each member of the team has to do one silly dance move, leap over a pile of shoes boxes and somersault twice. You can use spoons as the batons to hand off to the next relay-er. Which team will win?

Sporty Photo Shoot

Gather up all the athletic equipment you have, plus some medals and trophies. Grab your digi and get ready to start cheesin'. Take turns imitating some of your fave athletes (How ‘bout snowboarding supergirl Ellery Hollingsworth?) and snap a shot. You and your friends will have so much fun laughing at all the different athletic poses you can do. You can even print them out and make cards (kinda like baseball trading cards) of yourself and put fun facts on the back (OK, so maybe it won’t have the speed of your fastball, but you could put your fave song, foods and TV shows). Trade away and collect ‘em all.

Eating Like an Athlete

After breakin’ a sweat you will have def worked up an appetite so try some of these yummy recipes to refuel!

Arugula, Mozzarella and Tomato on Focaccia

Caprese Pasta

Easy Pita Pizza Pockets

Healthy Lettuce Wraps

Fruit 'n' Yogurt Yummy Smoothie

-Eryn Greaney


by GL | 2/1/2016