The Newest Truth or Dares!

When it comes to sleepovers, truth or dare is a must! This game's been played since forever, so a lot of times the questions get a little repetitive.
No worries! We've got some new to-dos that will spice up your game next go 'round!


*If you were born again, who would you want to be and how would your life be different?
*Who is your secret crush?
*What is your deepest, darkest secret? Have you told it to anyone?
*If you were invisible for a day what would you do? Why?
*What is one thing that people never know about you?
*What is your guilty pleasure?
*What is the grossest thing you have ever done?
*If you could meet any celeb in the world who would it be?
*What famous person would you never date even though he may be super hot?
*How do you want your man to propose to you? Do you think you will say yes? Right now who would you marry?


*Do an impression of a celeb
*Do the chicken dance while gobbling and singing the song.
*Put on a super-dorky outfit and talk in a funny accent for the rest of the game.
*Call a random boy in your yearbook tell him that you love him.
*Attempt to lick your elbow while singing “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”.
*Stuff your mouth with crackers and peanut butter and try to whistle "Old MacDonald Had a Farm."
*Prank call a fam member.
*Wrap yourself in aluminum foil and waddle around the house.
*Let your friends do your hair and makeup and then go outside and say hi to everyone you see. And um, no you're not allowed to look in the mirror before you head out.
*Make up your own dance routine and then perform it in your front yard. Special costume optional.

-Eryn Greaney


by GL | 2/1/2016