Old-School '80s Overnighter

Take it back to the '80s. Yep, it's time to kick it with scrunchies, leg warmers, Molly Ringwald and Emiliio Estevez, tie-dye, glow-in-the-dark slap bracelets, crimped hair, side ponytails, rockin' eye shadow, and bright pink blush sticks.

If Marty McFly (helloooo, Back to the Future!) could hop in his plutonium-powered DeLorean to travel back in time you can, too.  All you need to do is channel your favorite '80s stars for a bodacious slumber party.

Dress the Part

Dress in '80s styles (ask your mom if she has any oldies or hit your local thrift store). Some of our fave fashions? Leggings, t-shirt ties, polka dots, neon colors, and ruffles. This is also a great opp to give each other major makeovers. What was this era all about? Big eye shadow, bright pink blush and huge amounts of hairspray.

Psst! Bright tie-dye is another '80s staple so dye your own tees! Pick up some string or rubber bands, and some tie-dye, like RIT, from your local craft store. Have all your girlies bring a plain white tee or tank.

To get started:

-Strategically wrap rubber bands or tie strings all over the clothing item as you like.
-Follow the dye directions and have it ready in a large bowl or bucket. Prep your clothing item according to the directions on dye. 
-Use newspapers on the floor to protect it from spillage and have rubber gloves handy, so your hands don’t match your ts after -you’ve finished dyeing them.
-Start dyeing.

Let the Games Begin

Break out an old-school board game like Girl Talk. Try to track down this popular '80s game at your local Salvation Army. It’ll direct you to do things like prank call your crush, share secrets, find out who you are going to marry and how many children you have, and just to be silly with your girlfriends.

Can’t find it?! Play MASH instead—all you really need are a pen, some paper and lots of names of cute boys.

Here are the rules!

-Write down five of each of category: guy (future hubby!), types of cars, types of houses, number of children, amounts of money and kind of careers. Psst! The game is even more hilarious if you choose good AND bad choices for each category. Car to drive? Pink caddy or sleek new Mercedes? Hmm...MASH will tell ya which one's in your future.

-Get one girl to draw dots on a separate sheet of paper. The person whose future is being told tells the dot girl when to stop. The amount of dots she jotted down is the magic MASH number.

-Count through each item, crossing off the ones that land on your MASH number. Keep counting and eliminating until you have only one choice per category left. The last one left in each group is the your future fate.

Get into the Groove

It’s time your DVD player met Lloyd Dobler, Long Duk Dong and Ferris Bueller. Check out some of these '80s Classics: Say Anything, Sixteen Candles, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Mystic Pizza, Breakfast Club, Weird Science and The Princess Bride.

Hang tough with New Kids on the Block. Do the electric slide. Learn how opposites attract from Paula Abdul. And don’t forget Hammer time. Pop culture enveloped the '80s, so make sure to add righteous dance party to your night.

Now, go have the gnarliest time ever suckas.

-Keltie Egan


by GL | 2/1/2016