Calling all sleepover sistahs!

GL hearts coming up with creative and new PJ parties for you and your girlies to have, but we’re dying to reverse the roles! We want to know all about the slumber parties you gals throw and what goes down during those late, late nights!

What day of the week do you most often call the girls up to spend the night?

How many gals does it take to make the perf sleepover?

Where do you most often hang out? A bedroom? Basement? Living room?

Do you play Would You Rather? What’s the best one you’ve ever heard? If you had to make up your own Would You Rather what would it be?

What’s the number one movie you and your besties love to bust out and watch?

What time does everyone at the party usually crash? Is there one gal that always falls asleep first? Do you ever play pranks on the gal who's snoozin'?

What do you do in the a.m.? Do you all get up for breakfast? What do you usually eat?

What kind of gossip usually takes up most the chatting time?

What would you like to see GL do a sleepover article about?


by GL | 2/1/2016