New Takes on Traditional Sleepover Faves

Ready for a fun a fun sleepover this Saturday night?
After a hectic week at school, nothing is better than relaxing and bonding with your best buds! We've got all sorts of new ideas to spice up your same ol' slumber party.

Even cooler? These ideas work with just one pal OR a whole group.

Midnight Kitchen Raid

Good food is essential to a great sleepover. Stock your kitchen up with the classic chips, ice cream, and soda, but try these easy recipes for somethin' a li'l different. They'll be just as fun to make as they are to enjoy.

Our Top Sleepover Faves Are...



Just Push "Play"
What's a PJ party without a great flick? Cuddle up with your fave eats and some comfy blankets.

Jeepers, Creepers! If you're in the mood for a movie that will give ya goose bumps, check these out.   The Addams Family
  Monster Squad
  Tower of Terror
  The Corpse Bride
LOL! If you're ready to laugh 'til you cry, try one of these blockbusters.
  The Princess Bride
  The Pink Panther
  Talladega Nights
  Cheaper by the Dozen
  Blades of Glory

Chick Flick! If you just want a fun, feel-good flick to watch, one of these will do the trick.
  13 going on 30
  Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
  Pretty in Pink
  Sixteen Candles
  A Cinderella Story

Tired of Truth or Dare?

Sleepovers aren’t like family games nights, which means no game boards allowed. You want to play something fun and juicy, but a little diff from the tried 'n' true faves. Here are two game ideas that will jazz things up!

Celeb Charades
Have each guest write their fave celeb on an index card, then gather 'em all up without looking (psst! If it's just the two of ya, write down a couple of celebs then pick at random). Have everyone close their eyes and then tape one card to the back of every girl. Each person has to try to identify the celeb on their back. You and your gals can act like that celeb. Assigned to Taylor? Rock out! Gotta act like Beyonce? Get your groove on!

Cartoon Yourself

Print out a pic of your fave cartoon character. Gather up all the makeup supplies needed to recreate the same look on yourself. It can be as fun and crazy as you want. Bonus points? Try finding the character's clothes and take some LOL-worthy photos.


-Eryn Greaney 
BLOG IT OUT! What's your go-to snack at a sleepover? Do you have a fave flick to you gotta watch at every PJ party? What's your fave slumber party game? Tell us now!


by GL | 2/1/2016