Do Gooder PJ Party

Need a few service hours or just wanna to help some people out? Grab some friends and roll up your sleeves! Chime into your Santa-side and start giving early! 

You and your gals will feel amazing when you help other peeps. You can call local homeless shelters for volunteer info like times, etc.

Forgotten Must-Have

Everyone has that sweater in the back of their closet that they never wear, so have them bring it your party to donate to a charity. Something you never use, could be a necessity to another person. Have everyone bring at least one item, but the more the merrier. You can donate these items to a place like Goodwill. CLICK HERE to donate online or find a store near Y-O-U!

Traditional PB & J Combo

Everyone ate PB & J when they were kiddies, plus it's yummy and easy to make. Assign everyone a different lunch item to bring (apples, peanut butter, bread, jelly, chips, etc). Make an assembly line and divvy up the work. You can make brown bag lunches for homeless people to take on the go. Drop the lunches off at a food shelter in your town, and the peeps there can hand them out.

Stitching for Others

Nifty with yarn? You and your friends can knit, crochet, or sew something cool for charity. Knits hats, sew a blanket or crochet a sweater....the choice is up to you. Having some warm gear will really help other people especially with the chilly winter months coming up. Head to a local craft store to pick up all the supplies you will need. If you want to knit hats CLICK HERE for more info. If you're into craftin' up other clothing, contact a shelter and see if they could use 'em, too. 

Serving Up

You're gonna wanna hit the hay a little early, so you're totally amped up for the am! When you wake up, head over to the shelter. It's a great experience servin' breakfast to people in need. It'll be sooo rewarding to know that you're doing good. On top of that you get to share this with your friends!  

Treatin' Yourself

You ladies have worked super hard to help others, so now it's time to indulge. You and your friends should go out to breakfast (or do it up DIY!) at your fave restaurant and refuel. Nothing will be better then a stack of pancakes and some chit chat with your BFFs!
-Eryn Greaney 


by GL | 2/1/2016