Destination Sleepover!

So, summer's over but you still can't shake the urge to travel? Have you dreamed of going somewhere far, far away? Going abroad can be a ton of fun but super expensive. Travel across the ocean tonight by inviting your girls over for an international overnighter.

Even funner? If you and your friends are taking a foreign language this year, travel to a country where they speak what you're studying. Extra credit, anyone? 

Book your tickets

First, you gotta decide which far-off land you wanna visit. Whether it's Germany, Italy or France, decide what country you would love to visit for an evening. If you have an old plane ticket model the invites for your party off of that. If you decide to travel to Italy for the night you could put your BFFs name on the ticket, along with the destination.

Don't forget to include: destination of your choice, airport (your home address), and luggage info (what they should bring). You can also create an itinerary with wardrobe specifications, and a list of activities for the night. Write everything in the countries national colors to add a unique touch. Make sure your guests bring their tickets with them so they can take off into a new culture. Oh, and don't forget to have them bring their digis so they can take snaps of all the sights. Final boarding call!

Internationally Authentic

You can decorate with flags from the country by printing out pics of the flag from the internet and hanging 'em up. Or run to the party store and buy streamers in the countries colors. For example if you wanted to go to Ethiopia you would decorate with green, orange and yellow streamers.

If you really want to mingle like natives, try translating basic words on cards. Hand the cards out to your chicas so you can start up a foreign convo! Try decorating with famous sites from your country. You could put mini Eiffel towers throughout your house if you're headed for France or a pic of the Taj Mahal if you and the gals are going to India.
Worldwide Rock-Out

Up the international atmosphere with foreign tunes. Going to Ireland? Get jigg-y with some traditional Irish music. Heading to South America? It's tango time, baby! You can check out YouTube to learn step-by-step instructions to a foreign dance of your choice.

Foreign Flavor

Roll up your sleeves as you step into the kitchen to cook new food with your friends. It'll be fun to try foreign fare that you aren’t used to. So take a bite out of something new!

Here are some GL-exclusive recipes!
Culture Shock

After a long night spent in another country, it’s nice to wake up at home. Avoid jet lag by refueling with a well-balanced breakfast of eggs, toast, fruit and OJ. Take a look at your tourist-y pics from the night before and maybe even make a faux vacation album. So fun!

-Eryn Greaney


by GL | 2/1/2016