Magazine Mania, PLUS Win Fun Games to Jazz Up Your Sleepover

Admit it: there’s always been a little bit of you that’s dreamed of working on a magazine. The fast-paced environment, chic clothes, and photoshoots seem way fun. The prob? You’re young, and those career years seem so far away.

But...why wait!?
Use your next sleepover to get a glimpse of the future—make your own magazines with your friends! Get our tips—straight from the GL office to bring that dream career near.
Ready for Close-Ups

Ask your friends to bring their fave clothes and make-up to stage a photoshoot. Take turns playing photographer (or ask a parent!) to shoot pics of you and your buds outside before the sun sets. Then upload them on your computer, and print out your fave pics for your magazine. Don’t forget to post the rest on Facebook so everyone can see your star-studded looks!

Interview With a BFF

Time to grab a pen. Like every fab issue of GL, it’s time for the “Hanging With” interview, so your readers can get to know the REAL you. This time, you're the stars, so take turns interviewing each other (check out the Frendz Pakz Double Party Pack for fun interview Qs) and then write articles about each other! Short on time? Type up the interview in a Q&A format instead.

Writer’s House

Take turns brainstorming and writing some feature articles to include in your magazines. Whether it’s about how to snag that guy or how to make your make-up look super fly, these articles are great to share. Print a copy of each article for every friend.

Making the Issue

Grab your articles and pics, some old issues of GL, colored paper, markers, scissors, and glue: it’s time to put your mag together. Cut and paste pics of your fave celebs on your mag's pages. Be sure to take pics of your evening too—they’re perf to add in tomorrow so you’ll remember your sleepover forever. When you’re done, set your mags aside—you’ll add the finishing touches in the morning.

Rave Reviews

Grab your fave flick (Devil Wears Prada, anyone?) and watch with your friends—but this time around, take notes. Here at GL, we review movies, shows, books, and CDs all the time, and it’s the perf way to give your readers a li'l head up on the latest entertainment.

Cover Girl

Use the next morning to add the finishing touches to your magazine (at GL, we call this “going to press”) and to refine the articles you have. Be sure to write an editor’s note (each pal writes one for her own issue) and then make your cover. Choose your fave pic and add eye-catching headlines for the best articles. Check out the latest GL for inspiration! Be sure to add a table of contents so your fam can see where each of your masterpieces are when you're ready to share.

Launch Party

When you're finished, exchange magazines and flip through them. You should each have your own personalized mags documenting the fun night to take home. Toast to a successful issue with some yum food, then show your fam and friends.

PLUS...Be a Journalist and Get All the Info You Need

Check out the Frendz Pakz Double Party Pack

The fun never stops with these interesting questions that are great for getting the 411 on all your girls. And there’s def something in this pack that’s right for you—there are over 50 activities (the box also includes adorable pens and stickers)!

Fortune Cookie

What does your future hold? Try out fun fortune-telling classic games like MASH and new ones too that’ll randomly predict your future. They’re not guaranteed to be true—you may not live in Malibu mansion with that hottie lifeguard from the pool—but they're tons of fun anyway! The game doesn’t predict the future you were hopin’ for? Re-do! After all, that's what tonight's all about—fun futures!

Personality Puzzler

This pack comes with tons of quizzlers that’ll help you get to know your friends even better. When you’re done, put that revealing info in your articles. The perf finishing touch to your mag!

Wanna win? FIVE lucky girlies win this game. ENTER NOW! Hurry, contest ends AUGUST 21st!

-Alyssa Bailey and Miliana Budimirovic


by GL | 2/1/2016