Get into the Groove, PLUS Win a Fun Game to Fab-Up Your Sleepover

So your sleepover is starting to become a tad yawn-worthy?
Well wake your chicas up and put some moves to your fave jams for a night of fun! Spice up that sleepover with routines and talent shows! Party over here!

Set the stage (no pun intended) with all the basics from a dance. Everything from disco balls, turntables and strobe lights, all the fun stuff! Use construction paper, makers and glitter to create your look. Hey is that a dance floor or your bedroom?! They won’t know the difference.

Step by Step
Get ready for the first dance of the school year, and brush up on latest dances. Make it your own by putting your own little spin to it! Teach the rest of your girlies your polished steps and take it to the floor. Everyone will want to know how to get down like you sassy ladies!

Totally Talented
Break off into teams to prepare a fab routine. Can Shelia spin or does Dianna do a crazy dip? Throw it all in there for one awesome show. So now your steps are down, put them on display! Have a fab talent show and choose the best dance. Then play teach and have the other girls learn your moves.

Dance Show
Don’t forget to press record to catch those memories! Crank up the tunes (without waking the ‘rents of course) and show us what you got! Its Dina’s Dance Show live from your bedroom. Roll back the vid for a night filled of laughs and memories. Work it sista!

PLUS...Need a li’l help with your moves?
Bust a Move With Dance Maker

Thinking your next sleepover will be bor-ing?

Not a chance!

You and your besties will have tons of fun putting together routines with the help of Dance Maker!

Dance Maker

That ordinary sleepover has transformed itself into a “Dance Over” with this fab game. Create some crazy awesome routines and tons fun all night long! Your dance party will go down as most fab in sleepover history, guaranteed!

The Dance Spinner is your guide for choosing your fab moves. There are tons of choreography cards so the combos of dances are practically endless. Dance in place, go here to there and perform in the final spotlight for your audience!

Post different moves all around the room—yes even on the bed—until you’re totally pleased with your dance floor. Once you boogie divas are ready to get down, give the Dance Spinner one last go-around for your final spotlight move! Can’t you hear the applause already?! CLICK HERE for more fun 'n' games from Playroom Entertainment.

Wanna win? Five lucky girlies win this game. ENTER NOW! Hurry, contest ends AUGUST 14th!
-Melany Troy 


by GL | 2/1/2016