Top Secret Sleepover

Invite your besties over for a super secretive sleepover! Get closer with all your girls by dishing out your deepest, darkest secrets. Whatever gets said at this sleepover has to STAY hush-hush.  It’s that kind of party so make sure everyone understands the rules before you get going!

On the down-low decor

First up… decorate your abode to put everyone in the tell-all mood!  Keys can provide the perfect symbol to unlocking the skeletons in your friends’ closets so get creative. Cut out key shapes from colored construction paper and write secret messages on them. Make it into a fun scavenger hunt by using the secret message as a clue to find the next key. Have a secret surprise when your girls get to the end.

Secret slip-ups

Time to spill your most embarrassing moments. Everyone’s got their Blush Much-worthy moments, so get the party started by telling a couple of yours!  It could be anything from an unexpected period visit to a klutzy fall in front of a crush. Decide the topics of choice to get everyone in the sharing spirit. Write 'em down into a top-secret LOL-worthy "Oops Book" if you chicas are cool with recording their biggest blunders.

Operation: covert cuties

Next, it’s time to list the crushes!  You may know who some of your friends like but do they know who you’ve got the hots for? Play the “Would You Rather” game to have some laughs. Would you rather date Brian your BGF OR Pat, the new boy you just met at the pool? Or pick between the boys you and your friends would NEVER date and the Prince Charmings that are all so cute and sweet.

Surprising snacks

All sleepovers must be well equipped with yummy snacks and this top secret operation is no different!  Solve this munchies mystery by baking your very own fortune cookies. (Get a super easy fortune cookie recipe RIGHT HERE!). Instead of sticking a fortune inside each one, have each girl slip in a silly secret. Then, trade cookies and guess which secret belongs to which friend. Does Delia still sleep with her teddy bear? Think Tara's the one who's got a thing for singing in the shower? Guess away!


The most important thing to remember about this tell-all theme is that the secrets have to remain a secret!  So even if your friend tells a story that has got you busting at the bits to spill… remember the promise you made to all your friend at the beginning of the night to never speak a word to anyone!

-Brooke Exler


by GL | 2/1/2016