Indulge in a...DIVA PJ PARTY!

Every girl is a diva, so celebrate it! You and your girls know what’s up, from fashion to boys to the latest trends, and tonight’s the night that you’re gonna let your sassiness show.

Let this night be all about glitter, hair, and attitude, girlfriend! Tonight it really is all about Y-O-U!


Instead of streamers on the ceiling, drape feather boas. Get a bag of plastic rhinestones and scatter them along the food table to add some sparkle. Buy a pack of tiaras for your girls, ‘cause tonight is all about being the stars of the show! You can get a lot of these things at most value stores.


Divas have demands, so when your guests RSVP, ask them to include one or two of her diva must-haves. Does Katy only like green M&Ms? Does Brea require her graham crackers arranged in a circle on her plate? Give your girls a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T tonight and make sure even their most diva-est demands are met! Have a pitcher of pink lemonade and sip it from champagne glasses (if mom and dad don’t want you using their glassware, you can get plastic ones!).


Request that each girl come dressed as her Inner Diva. Perhaps Caroline is all about looking dazzling in all the jewels she wears, whereas Carrie is more about the voluminous diva hair. Your guests will have so much fun getting into character and making up their costumes, as well as admiring everyone elses’! Our tip? Do the makeovers when the girls get to the sleepover for even more fun.


Parade your outfits in an impromptu runway show, accompanied by some divalicious tunes to catwalk to. The gals in the audience are perfect photogs – take lots of pictures, but remember to get them of everyone so each girl gets a chance to vogue it up. Every diva loves to sing, so pump up that Beyonce and belt your little hearts out, singin' sweeties!

-Alexa Ercolano


by GL | 2/1/2016