YOU TOLD US: Super Sleepover Ideas!

We asked YOU about your all-time best sleepovers and we got some really fun answers! From fab film critics to spa retreat sistahs, all of you girlies sure know how to part-ay. Check out some of the top super slumber ideas, and maybe give 'em a try Saturday night!

Perf B-day Parties

I had two birthday sleepovers that were really cool! My 11th birthday sleepover party was SO much fun! My friends and I went out to see a movie and pizza in out PJ’s! We came back and did our nails.  There were 10 of us, so it was super fun. We even stayed up will 4 in the morning!

For my 12th birthday, I invited eight girls over. We wore lime green shirts that had the word “Fabulous” bedazzled on the front, and out nicknames on the back. We went out for pizza and a movie, then finished the night off with huge ice cream sundaes so we could pick all our fave toppings!

-Jordan I., 13
Spa Sistahs

When my besties and I have slumber parties, we always do “Spa Resorts.” We make homemade foot scrub and face masks, slice up cucumbers for our eyes, and paint each other’s toes different colors!

-Tory R. 12

Movie Mavens

Whenever my friends and I get together for a sleepover, we always have a scary movie picked out.  The scarier, the better! But after the scary movie, we watch a funny one to brighten our moods. Every sleepover we play an exciting game of truth or dare which is always fun! Late at night, we sit around and talk until we eventually fall asleep.

-Ashley E.
Outdoor Earth Mamas

At my slumber parties, after dark, we always go outside onto the trampoline. We bring pillows and blankets too! We can look at the stars, talk, and hang out. It's lotsa of fun because we get to hang out with out any parents or siblings there to bug us!

-Alyssa C., 13

BLOG IT OUT, sleepover sistahs! Do you have a cool sleepover tradition? Or one sleepover that was SUPER memorable? Tell us NOW!


by GL | 2/1/2016