The Ultimate Camp-Out...Inside!

We’re bringing the great outdoors, indoors!  Everyone loves camp-outs, but do you really love the bugs that always come with them?  We’re planning the best camp-out that you don’t have to schedule around that freak rainstorm that decides to show up the day of your soiree. So gather round for a night full of scary stories, camp songs, great food and an overall awesome time! 

Settin’ the Scene

Tell each of your besties to bring their sleeping bag, pillows, flash light and fave scary ghost story before ya get started!

Ask around with friends, and see if anyone’s ‘rents have a tent or two they don’t mind lending out for the night. If they do, awesome. If they don’t, that’s O because you can build your own! Find a couple of large bed sheets and blankets that mom doesn’t mind you borrowing for the night. Re-arrange the furniture in the room so that its close enough for the sheet to drape from one piece to another without falling down. You might need to ask for a couple of chairs to prop parts of the tent up.  You’ll have yourself the perfect indoor tent in no time!

Bonus Tip: See if you can find some nature sounds that you can put on a CD to play in the background during the games.  It will really give you the outdoor feeling!

Outdoorsy Grub

Everyone loves midnight snacks, so your guests will get to make a custom trail mix for later!  A couple days before your sleepover, ask your ‘rents to bring you to the store for some snack foods, and pick up anything you think would make a good trail mix combo. Try stuff like Chex cereal, sunflower seeds, granola, raisins, peanuts, M&M's and other li'l foods to make a delish mix (plus, most of it is good for you, so you’re being healthy at the same time!).  At the sleepover, give each girl a bag with her name on it, and let her pick what she wants to add to her trail mix. Seal it up and save it for later!

For dinner, break out the camp food, like hot dogs, burgers and baked beans. It’s simple fare, and can be cooked indoors.  If you’re not much of a hot dog 'n' hamburgers girl, you can always have something else, like chicken, or anything you want!  

You can have anything you like for drinks, but we recommend root beer, lemonade and bug juice! Bug juice is basically just a super sugary juice you can find at the store.  

Mmm...what's for dessert!? We’re goin’ traditional for your indoor camp-out with s’mores!  You don’t even need a camp fire for this yummy dessert. Ask your ‘rents if you can use the stove to roast marshmallows.  Even if you can't roast 'me on the stove, you can still make the ultimate S’more in the microwave!  Each girl gets a plate, and on the plate, place the graham cracker half down first, and put a marshmallow on top of it (of a couple mini ones works too). Toss it in the microwave for 10-15 secs, then take it out, place your chocolate on top of it, and your other half of the graham cracker, and munch away!

Games Galore!

Flashlight tag – turn off all the lights and make some boundaries so that you’re not searching all night. Then choose one person to be the searcher and get to playing!

Camp Songs – If any of your friends know how to play the guitar, ask them to bring it along!  You can sing to her tunes all night! If not, find some fav tunes and burn them to a CD. You can sing along with these ones just like the guitar!

Ghost Stories – Turn out all the lights so its pitch black, sit in a circle, and one girl at a time turns on her flash light, and puts it up to her chin while she reads her story. It sounds silly, but its really super scary...if the stories are good! You can also put on a scary movie and watch away.

Sleepover Deets

When the girls arrive, have them bring their sleeping bag to the tents so you can get all set up.  Then head to the kitchen to make your yummy midnight trail mix.  If it’s around dinner time, serve dinner, if not, move on to a couple games!  After dinner, make those scrumptious S’mores. Then head back to your tents for more fun games and later, munch on your trail mix while you're trying not to get super scared from all the ghost stories. 

-Ashley Barrett 


by GL | 2/1/2016