Cool Brunch Ideas!


Sure, it's sooo much fun stayin' up late at a sleepover – calling up your crushes, watching scary movies and giving each other makeovers – but what happens when the morning rolls around? Do you and your girls scramble for the same ol' frozen waffles, cereal and OJ? Punch up your slumber party brunch with these great theme ideas.

Our tip? Make the decor beforehand and wake up a li'l early so you can set it up and surprise the girlies. Ask mom and dad if they wouldn't mind serving them up (give them a big hug and a nice li'l thank you card after!) or DIY and get the whole gang to pitch in.

Eco Chic
Perfect for girls who love all-things green. Too chilly to go outside still? Bring your picnic indoors!

Grab a giant blanket (or a couple depending how many girls you have), and lay it out on the grass. Use mom's dishes so you don’t have to waste any paper or plastic, and the ‘rents' cups and napkins too. If you’re feelin’ classy, pick a couple flowers from your yard and set them up in a vase in the middle of everyone. Or give each friend a flower in her fave color. Kick back, relax and enjoy those sweet nature sounds!

Whole grain waffles with organic peanut butter

All-natural yogurt with honey
Apples, oranges and bananas
Sweet treat? Fresh mini blueberry tarts for everyone!
To drink: Hand-squeeze your own orange juice

Pretty Pretty Princess
This breakfast is sure to reign supreme if you and your pals love all-things regal.

Treat yourself and your girls like the princesses you are! Break out everything pink, from the napkins to the plates, and you'll be sittin' pretty in your very own fairy tale. Use lacy doilies to make your place settings look just darlin'. Create crowns out of construction paper (or just buy 'em), add each girl's name in glitter and set the twinkling tiaras at their assigned thrones. Find any fancy fabrics (velvet and pretty floral patterns are oh-so-regal) or beads lying around the house and drap them around as decor.

Heart shaped pancakes topped with fresh cut strawberries and powered sugar
Scones with your favorite jam
Fresh watermelon and grapes
Sweet treat? Strawberries dipped in pink chocolate (white chocolate with a little red food dye)
To drink: Chamomile (or your fave flavor!) tea

Tropical Time
Got cabin fever? A tropical-themed brunch is a sure cure for the hometown blues. Add some tropical tunes to up the ante.

Give your your breakfast nook a faraway fiesta feel. For your center piece, use some brown construction paper to make a Tiki statue. Draw a face, and you can use some feathers to make it look extra fierce! Set the scene with bright colorful plates and silverware and dress it up by putting untied hula skirts around the table. You can make your own napkin rings out of the paper, too. Use a green strip for the circle around the napkin, and draw a flower on one of your bright colorful pieces. Use glitter pen to add each guest's name.


Banana Pancakes
Pineapple smoothies
Tropical Breakfast Parfait (think mango, pineapple, kiwi and other tropical yogurt)!
Sweet treat? Key lime pie
To drink: Pineapple smoothies

Wild West
Giddy, up cowgirl. Our Western-style breakfast lassos in new takes on old brunch faves. Yee haw!


Turn your kitchen into a way-cool corral. Using some construction paper, cut out some boot shapes and use them to decorate the walls. If you’re feelin’ super creative, make your very own wanted signs to hang around the room. Print out a pic of each girl or draw one to put on the posters (include the "crime" they're charged with of course!). For napkin rings, take red construction paper, and cut the ring, then cut a piece to look like a tied up bandana. Use a marker to give it a real western feel. Ask your ‘rents to take you to a party store to pick up a hat for each of your guests so you can dress the part!


Breakfast burritos (start with eggs and line up different fillings – chopped up bacon, veggies, avocado, whatever you want to go inside each girl's burrito!)
Buttered biscuits
Slices of cantaloupe, oranges, and grapefruit
Sweet treat? Corn bread drizzled with honey

To drink: Coffee (have a few diff flavored syrups to choose from)

-Ashley Barrett
BLOG IT OUT, sleepover sistahs. What do you and your buds usually eat for b-fast after an awesome overnighter?


by GL | 2/1/2016