How to host the perfect Eternal Sunshine listening party

Ariana Grande's seventh album is finally here. And what better way to escape reality and celebrate this album than by planning an Eternal Sunshine listening party? We've got your ultimate guide to hosting the most aesthetic bash...


Connect your music app with your Bluetooth speaker or, better yet, connect your music app to your TV so that everyone can follow the lyrics to the new songs. Before and after the scheduled time to sit down and listen to the new album, make sure the playlist has the most iconic tracks from Ariana's discography. 


Create a cozy and IG-worthy atmosphere with pastel-colored balloons, fairy lights and plush cushions. Add a touch of vintage vibes with a Polaroid camera to capture memorable moments. You could also grab some lettered balloons to spell out "Ariana" or the album name. So cute!


Snacks and treats

Treat your guests to a selection of sweet and indulgent snacks, inspired by Ariana's favorite treats. Think macarons, cupcakes, cotton candy and oversized lollipops. Keep everything to an orange color palette for max Eternal Sunshine vibes. For drinks, set up a Thai iced bubble tea bar.



Keep the party lively with activities like a lyric trivia game or a karaoke sesh featuring Ariana's hits. Create a cozy reading nook with some of Ariana's favorite books for those who want to unwind. Or play some board games while Eternal Sunshine plays in the background.

Party favors

This part is optional, but you can give your guests something to take home as a token of appreciation. Custom-made keychains or keychains that remind you of Ariana (think: clouds on clouds!) are super cute and give your guests something to remember this party by. Scented candles or mini succulents would work, too.

cloud keychain, $5.55+

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Slider and top image: @arianagrande


by Catherine Wang | 3/8/2024