Halloween party ideas if you hate all things scary

Halloween is a holiday traditionally filled with tricks and scares, but I think we can all agree that treats are far superior. Just because Halloween is usually scary doesn't mean it has to be. After all, isn't it fun to break tradition? We're focusing on fun and festive vibes, not spooky and scary. Here are some (not boring) Halloween party ideas if you hate all things scary.



Treats are a crucial part of Halloween, even if you're not going door-to-door for candy anymore. Making your own Halloween goodies with your besties is a super fun way to get creative with sweets. 

Carving pumpkins


Wanna get crafty *and* competitive? Find some cute faces (or memes) to carve into your pumpkins and show them off to your friends, then have a parent or sibling select the best design. Winner gets an apple cider doughnut!



If you and your besties are into art, this is the perfect chill Halloween party idea for you. A low-key painting night is just what the witch doctor ordered. Get some paint and canvases at your local art store, pick out some cute little Halloween pictures for inspo and get painting.


Homemade potions are a super fun way to embrace the Halloween spirit and your inner witch. Plus, you each get to take home a small souvenir from the party. You can even decorate your bottles. Peep the video above for a DIY tutorial!

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Top image: @sabrinasterntal
Slider image: @sabrinasterntal


by Grace Transom | 10/29/2022