Want to host a virtual prom? Here's *everything* you need to know

The bad news? Thanks to coronavirus and widespread social distancing rules banning large gatherings, prom may be canceled (ugh). The good news? Teens everywhere are making the best of the situation as they plan virtual proms—and you can do the same for your squad.

Since school's gone virtual, many high schoolers are relying on video chat software like Zoom to stay in touch with their academic work. Now, according to Time Magazine, innovative teens across the country are thinking about how to do the same for their once-in-a-lifetime high school milestones, prom included. 

Grab your phone and sparkliest 'fit: With GL's tips, it's time to prep for your *own* unforgettable virtual prom. 

Choose your guest list

Though Zoom conferences can fit as many as 100 people (a lot, but prob a fraction of your OG prom capacity), it's up to you to decide whether to keep things exclusive to your crew or go big. 

Keep it small: With a miniature guest list, you know exactly who to invite (your lunch table crew, obv), you can crack an inside joke without *anyone* feeling left out and you ensure that nothing gets awk. 

Go big: The cool thing about prom is that it's a chance to socialize with classmates you don't typically see out of, well, class. So maybe it's the time to extend your (virtual) hand to that sweet girl in science lab or the hilarious boy on your hockey team. 

Ask a date...or don't

The cool thing about virtual prom is that all those old-timey rules about who can ask whom or when to do it go out the window. You might want to wait for bae's FaceTime promposal...or brainstorm one yourself. Better yet, this is an opportunity to focus on Y-O-U and what *really* matters in life: Friends, fun and celebrating your high school experience so far. Who needs a date?

Snap a group pic

The only thing more fun than prom itself? Taking the *cutest* Insta snaps with your girl gang when you're dressed up and ready to go. Before the big day, plan some photoshoot poses with your besties and seek a spot in your house with *amaze* lighting. Smile for Mom (or the self timer) and share all your best shots in a group text (then, cue the endless compliments on how gorgeous your girls are). Bonus if you can get your super creative friend to Photoshop you all together! 

Solve problems ahead of time

Prom doesn't just happen—it takes hard work, planning and a *whole* lot of scheduling. Start by putting together a virtual prom committee and brainstorming a list of questions you have and issues that might come up. Are we going to listen to music in earbuds or is one person going to play it? How long should the night go on for? Should we break out into small table groups or stay as one Zoom chat for the whole event?

Your prom committee might even give you a great opportunity to connect with new people. The oh-so-intense class president? She'd be the perfect person to handle invites and RSVPs. The new kid who's always wearing AirPods? Bring him on as the DJ. 

With a committee, schedule and a clear itinerary for dinner, socializing and dancing, you'll be ready to handle *anything* that happens on prom night. That way, you can kick back, relax and know you planned an event that put a positive spin on unfortunate circumstances and brightened everyone's year. Now, dance the night away and head to the after-party (eating snacks and watching To All the Boys I've Loved Before while FaceTiming with your BFF, obv)! 

Are you planning to host or attend a virtual prom? Tell us below!

by Katherine Hammer | 3/20/2020