PAJAMA POWER! Be the Sleepover Hostess with the Mostest



Think you’ve got to be loaded to party like a rock star? Well, think again. GL’s got the dos and don’ts for the perfect pajama party. Get ready for an all-night gabfest. After all, sleeping is for babies.

Set a Date

It’s always a good idea to ask the ’rents before you start planning your party. After you get the green light from the folks, it’s time to consult your school calendar to check for any big events, such as the spring fling or basketball tournament, that may conflict with your slumber party. Once you’ve decided on a date, it’s time to send out the invites to all your BFFs!

Pick a Party Theme

Every good party needs a theme. Diddy is known in Hollywood for his all-white extravaganzas, where guests have to dress white from head to toe. The secret to picking a fantabulous theme is creativity.

Think about your favorite movie, color, decade…whatever! Whether it’s pretty in pink, an ’80s throwback bash or a pampered spa retreat, make sure you pick a theme you and your girls will absolutely L-O-V-E!

Diva Décor

When it comes to a sleepover, comfort is key! Decorate your den with tons of cute and comfy pillows and blankets to create a cozy slumber party suite fit for a princess. This chill-out zone will also double as a great place to crash at 2 a.m.

Don’t forget to make a jammin’ playlist to serve as background music for your party. Later on you can pump up the volume to transform your slumber party into an all-night dance club!

Funky Finger Foods

What’s a party without the food? No need to go all Rachael Ray on us here. Some simple, snazzy snacks will do. A veggie dip spread is healthy and yummy. Ask your parents to hook you up with a delicious vegetable dip recipe (or you can buy some dip at your local supermarket). Then place your fave veggies, such as baby carrots, celery, and broccoli on a plate.

You can make snack time fun for everyone by involving your BFFs in the entire process. Everyone can help out when you pick quick and easy snacks such as nacho dip and chips as an appetizer, a take-home pizza kit for the main meal, and brownies for dessert. You can curl up to your favorite chick flick while feasting on your fave dessert. Chocolate anyone?

Let the Games Begin!

Sleepovers and Truth or Dare go together like High School Musical’s Troy and Gabriella. Add a little spice to your party with fun activities, such as a beauty pageant. Contestants have to apply their makeup without using a mirror. The most horrific model wins! Make sure to take pics of all your BFFs for a great laugh for years to come!

Another cool game is “Who Am I?” In this game, you will write the names of a celebrity on an index card and then tape the card to the back of each guest. Your friends will have to walk around asking each other yes-or-no questions to find out their famous persona! When each girl guesses her celebrity identity, the game is over. Don’t forget to award prizes to the winners, such as movie tix, gift cards, or nail polish and lip gloss.

Chillax to the Max!

After you’re finished partying like rock stars, it’s time to chill out. Bring the night to an end with your fave flicks on DVD, such as Mean Girls, High School Musical, or Hairspray. Of course you and your friends will stay up all night talking about your crushes and deepest secrets. But once you go to sleep, you can rest in peace knowing you’ve thrown the best sleepover party of the century!

Don’t forget these slumber party essentials:

1. Sleeping bags and pillows
2. Cute and comfy PJs
3. Favorite movies
4. Digital camera
5. Party music
6. Lots of yummy snacks

 By: L’Oreal Thompson
by GL | 2/1/2016