Candy Land Sleepover!

Yeah, we know candy is everyone's junk food staple at a sleepover. 

Why not go all-out and throw your very own Candy Land slumber party, featuring all your fave treats?

We've got tips on how to throw the tastiest overnighter ever. Goodie gumdrops!

Delicious Décor

Crepe paper is a must for all themed parties! Red and white spirals make any pole a reminder of tasty peppermint and candy canes. Hang bright colors like pink, yellow, and green from the door—think jolly ranchers! To keep with the candy theme, try finding a colorful piñata to hang. It will look totally festive, plus there are tasty treats waiting on the inside! Don’t forget to buy a few balloons, too. Set some out on the table to look like lollipops. Or scatter 'em around for your own candy wonderland.

Sweets and Stuff
OK, OK so too much candy is bad for ya, but just for this night, have a blast and set your sweet tooth free! Set up a candy bar with all kinds of diff treats—from chocolaty faves like Reese's, to delish Gummi Bears, to  old-school bubblegum—have it all! Give each guest a li'l baggie and let her decorate and write her name on it. Makes a great take-home present and souvenir.

If you and your buds have time, bake up some sweets of your own. Candy Surprise Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes go along perf with the theme.

Candy Crafts

Find a big space on the floor and build your own life size Candy Land board with your sleepover sistahs! Make the path with diff colored construction paper, and connect 'em up with tape so they can twist around the floor. A good size would be thirty squares long, in alternating colors. Every five squares, include either a short cut to skip four squares ahead, a brown “mud spot” where they lose a turn, or just a fun sugary goodie! Make sure everyone gets a small treat or bag of cotton candy when they reach the end! You can roll a dice to see how many spaces to move. Even cooler? Before the party write out invites and assign each friend to dress up as a Candyland character.

Goodie Goodie Games

Candy Land is a lot of people’s fave game. It just looks so sweet! This party wouldn't be complete without a few rounds of the board game itself. Another option? Bring out the ole’ Twister board and work off some of that tasty sugar you have been munching on all night. As soon as Twister is over, head over to the piñata. Twister’s winner gets first swing!

-Hallie Rybka


by GL | 2/1/2016