The Swiftie's guide to *very* niche Taylor Swift Halloween costumes

Spooky szn is upon us, but tbh, it's been Eras szn this entire year. And if you ask us, Halloween is just another excuse to dress up as something from the TSCU (Taylor Swift Cinematic Universe, obvi)!

Eras Tour outfits are amazing, but this Halloween, we're bringing you Swifties *all* the silly and ultra-specific costumes. Whether you're planning your outfit for the 31st, the Eras Tour movie, or one of the international tour dates, we've got you. 

1. "Taylor Swift was eating a piece of chicken with ketchup and seemingly ranch!"

Skirt, $20 | Top, $14

At one of Travis Kelce's games, Taylor was spotted with a plate of "chicken with ketchup and seemingly ranch," as tweeted by @tswifterastour. This viral tweet inspired meme after meme on the internet, and we were so here for it. With simple tulle skirts and ketchup and ranch logos printed out and pasted on tops, your bestie trio will be the silliest Swifties at any Halloween bash.

2. "I Can See You" secret agent

Pants, $45 | Top, $21 | Boots, $50 | Briefcase, $20

One of Taylor's biggest drops this year was the "I Can See You" music video. When it comes to a confidential mission to crack the vault, Joey King, Taylor Lautner, and Presley Cash make the perfect secret agents—and you will, too. Opt in for some black leather pants and top, your best chunky spy boots, a handy briefcase, and ofc, the framed album you just successfully secured.

3. Taylor Swift vs. treadmill

Top, $15 | Leggings, $28 | Shoes, $47 | Wig, $16

Okay, this isn't talked about enough...Taylor's 2016 Apple music commercial was *iconic*, to say the least (iykyk). If you tend to procrastinate putting together a Halloween costume, this one is perfect for you. All you need are leggings, a workout top, running shoes and Taylor's signature blonde bob. Don't trip! 

4. Key lime green dogs 

Skirt, $14 | Top, $17 | Dog Ears, $11

Amp up your go-to animal costume this year by dressing up as the key lime green dog from "the last great american dynasty." With an all-green outfit and fluffy dog ears, this is a simple but creative twist on the classic furry friend costume. This one is also super easy to do with your friend group—we're expecting to see a few packs of lime green dogs trick-or-treating!

5. Tennis player from "The Man"

Top, $25 | Skirt, $20 | Cap, $10 | Shoes, $60

Another music-video-inspired costume is Loren Gray from "The Man." After Loren dressed up as her character for the Eras Tour, we could not resist. This one is super cute if you're looking for a comfier costume this Halloween, especially with clothing you can find already tucked in your closet. Just make sure to include some navy blues, reds, and the iconic pigtails. 

6. Poison ivy and daisy 

Dress, $40 | Flower Crown, $9

Devil and Angel, but in a different font. This costume inspired by the "Don't Blame Me" lyric is absolutely perfect for you and your bestie, especially if you have complementary personalities. Put on your green or white dress and decorate with some flower crowns and fake leaves! Bc this Halloween, we're going for ethereal mother nature vibes. 

What are *you* dressing up as this Halloween? Share with us on Instagram @girlslifemag!

Top image: @taylorswift
Slider image: @shayrudolph


by Anne Chen | 10/30/2023