A step-by-step guide to making DIY wire rings


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We always *love* a gorgeous jewelry moment and the wire rings that have been floating around our Instagram and TikTok feeds have been giving us *major* cottage-core meets fairy-core vibes. We have a step-by-step guide to making DIY wire rings so you can start your own collection of these rings that look like they came straight out of our favorite fantasy novel. 

Image: @pierscioneczki

What you'll need

-20 gauge wire 


-Wire cutters 

-Beads or crystals (make sure they have a hole in the middle for threading the wire through!) 

-Ring sizer (find one here!)


1. Thread your bead or crystal into the middle of your piece of wire 

2. Wrap the wire around your ring sizer, one size bigger than what you want the actual size of the ring to be

3. Continue wrapping the wire in the direction it wants to go

4. Use your pliers to bend the wire around the crystal or bead. You can make a simple circle frame or get creative with spirals or designs! 

5. Slide the ring off of the ring sizer and curl the ends of the wire around the loop part of the ring to hold it all together. 

6. When your ring is tightly secured, give a light pinch with the pliers and cut the excess wire with your wire cutters

Need a visual representation? This video has a super easy tutorial!

Stunning rings for every occasion are just a quick crafting sesh away. For bonus good vibes, look for your miniature versions of your favorite healing crystals to make into jewelry you can wear all the time just in case you need a pick-me-up. 

Image: @gemsbyangie

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Slider image: @theluvprjct


by Abigail Adams | 8/4/2021