Here's how to make kindness jars with your friends!

If you and your friends are in need of an easy school-year activity, add making kindness jars to your next hang-out sesh. Kindness jars are a cute and easy keepsake that you'll cherish forever—and they're *super* easy to put together.

So, you might be thinking, what exactly is a kindness jar? A kindness jar is a container filled with miscellaneous notes, quotes, memories and lyrics that your BFFs put together especially for Y-O-U. Making these jars with your besties is the *cutest* activity—especially because they are so fun to look back on down the road. Whether you do this after school, during study hall or on the weekends, finding time to show your besties you care is *so* important, so get your squad together, round up some supplies and start DIYing these adorable jars.

What you'll need:

- Any size and kind of jar

- Paper

- Scissors 

- Pens (we recommend sharpies for decorating the outside)

- (optional) Glitter

- (optional) Stickers 

- (optional) Ribbon


1. Set the mood. Making sure you and your besties have a good environment to get crafty is *so* important. Grab your fave snacks, put on comfy clothes and blast your fave tunes to get your DIY party started.

2. Prepare your supplies. Gather your pens, paper and any additional materials you want to use. Cut slips of paper (about four inches wide x one inch tall) and distribute them among your friends.

3. Start decorating. Decorate the outside of your jar with your name, the date and any other designs you'd like. If you *really* want to spice up your jar, add stickers or a ribbon!

4. Begin writing. After you've brainstormed what you want to write, start drafting the notes for your friends. When you're done writing one, fold it up and put it in your their jar. Adding fun designs or stickers is a fun way to personalize your notes!

5. Make it sparkle. When everyone's jar is filled with notes, add the glitter (if you wanted to use it.)

6. Cherish it. Keep your jar somewhere safe and pull it out whenever you need a reminder of your *amaze* friends!

Need some note inspo? We've got you covered!


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- Write about a fave memory you have with them

- Give them a compliment 

- Write down your favorite quote 

- Give them some (positive) life advice

- Write your phone number, email or social media handles

- Write a song, album, artist or playlist they *need* to listen to

- Write an inside joke the two of you have

- Remind them of their *funniest* moments 

- Give them a new movie or TV show to binge 

- Tell them what celeb or character they remind you of

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by Miriam Riley | 9/14/2021