Have a locker? Be sure to keep these 10 beauty products in there!

You've probably already thought about decorating your locker, but have you considered stashing a beauty survival kit in there? Sure, it's always good to have extra tampons or pads on hand, but don't forget these next 10 items, too!


D.O. for your B.O! Running from classroom to classroom or especially gym class can have you sweating in the middle of the day, yuck! Storing a mini stick of deodorant in your locker will allow you to reapply as needed (just be discreet about it, LOL). 

Body spray

Spritz yourself throughout the day and your friends will be asking why you smell so good all the time! You can even spray a little on before you go talk to your crush in the hall. 

Oil absorbing sheets 
These disposable sheets can easily help get rid of those problematic oily spots that take away from your gorgeous makeup. 

Hand sanitizer

Putting your hands on door handles and lockers can leave your hands grimy and germy throughout the day. Store a small hand sanitizer in your locker to feel fresh. Pick out a scent that you love so your hands can be clean and smell amazing. The best of both worlds!  


Decided to add a few curls to your back-to-school 'do? Keep them looking perf all day long with a travel-size hairspray. A little spritz in the bathroom mirror in between classes can help those curls hold up throughout the day. 


Simple enough. Get rid of those excess tangles and tame those stray baby hairs that pop up in the middle of the day.

Hand lotion

Soaps in school bathrooms can be beyond drying for your skin. Trust, we know how uncomfortable it can feel to walk around with dry hands all day long. This backpack essential will help you confidently moisturize on the go. 

Portable stain remover

Spilled food on your clothes? Not to worry. Portable stain removers like Tide pens will help lift that spill right off your clothes. No one will ever notice that pasta stain!


Didn't think of these, did you? You can pick them up at your local pharmacy or grocery store. They’re great because you don't have to put your hands in your mouth the way you might have to with dental floss. Got a little salad stuck in your teeth after lunch? Stop at your locker and pick one up for a quick fix.  


Pasta with garlic bread for lunch? We know you don't want to carry bad breath with you all day long. Gum, Tic Tacs, Altoids or Listerine strips are all great on-the-go ways to keep fresh breath during the day. Mints can also be great conversation starters. As you grab one for yourself, offer one to the new girl in your class to make her feel a little more comfortable.

Let us know how you stay gorgeous on the go in the comments below!

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by Sydney Haywood | 9/2/2019