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Love grunge pop, Lana Del Rey and astrology? Then you're going to be obsessed with Zaccaï (and her emotional new single)

Your "3 a.m. vibes" playlist just got a major upgrade.

With a dreamy yet dramatic sound, melodies inspired by Fiona Apple, Nessa Barrett and, ofc, Lana Del Rey and lyrics so relatable and personal they could've come straight from your Notes app, "Cryptic" (by new artist Zaccaï) is about to be your late-summer lo-fi anthem. (Stream it everywhere HERE on Aug. 10.)

"I had just moved to New York City on my own from Florida, where I'd grown up," Zaccaï, 20, shares. She couldn't wait to be independent and go all in on her musical dreams—but struggled with the sense of loneliness and lack of direction she felt in those initial months in NYC. "Balancing college, my career and just being without my parents and being responsible for everything myself was a lot."

Zaccaï sat on a park bench deep in her feels and, just like that, "Cryptic" was born. "Writing that song reminded me why I was there—to pursue my passion—and pulled me out of that darker time," she reflects.

Whether it's her lyrics, her melodies, her style or her birth chart, one thing is undoubtedly obvious: Zaccaï is committed to being 100% authentically herself.

Press play on "Cryptic" HERE, then study up on this singer-songwriter so that, when she inevitably gets insanely famous, you can tell everyone that you knew about her first.

Zaccaï Fact #1: She's basically a musical genius.

Relatable: Zaccaï discovered her love of music in a junior high school guitar class. Slightly less relatable: Zaccaï ordered a $7 book on Amazon soon afterward and, just a few pages in, started teaching herself how to read music.

As she mastered the notes on the page, she soon was inspired to figure out her own sound.

It may be unconventional, but Zaccaï knows there's no point in doing things in a way that doesn't feel truly her. Much like her tracks, her life advice is worth a listen: "When you're a teenager, there are so many people around you—your parents, your friends—trying to mold you and tell you who you can be," she says. "But only you know who you are and what you want—so listen to yourself. Stay on that path."

Zaccaï Fact #2: She's got a passion for fashion.

Before committing to the music game, Zaccaï envisioned herself studying fashion design in college. Her pro tips for developing your personal style? Don't be afraid to mix it up—and seek inspo everywhere.

"Right now, I'm doing the clean girl aesthetic with my hair, slicking it back to look more fresh," she shares, "then pairing it with soft grunge outfits inspired by Kat Stratford in 10 Things I Hate About You, my fave movie."

Zaccaï Fact #3: She's got the stars on her side.

That fiery-meets-grounded energy isn't anything new for the artist, who obsessively follows astrology and has a birth chart that, well, kind of explains everything about her: Capricorn sun, Sagittarius moon, Leo rising.

"Every single day I wake up and read my horoscope," Zaccaï admits. "I'm so into it. I think I want to be an astrologer when I'm 70 years old."

Well, before that happens, she better release more music (DW, an EP is on her near-future vision board), because we need cool, confessional, ambitious, emotional girl soundtracks...and Zaccaï is ~very much~ here to deliver.


Top image: Victoria Huerta


by GL | 8/10/2023