EXCLUSIVE! Jordynne Hahn takes us behind the scenes of influencer life (on roller skates, obvi)

Let's be honest for a sec: Jordynne Hahn has basically been living the dream for the past year. At only 15 years old, she's been touring the globe with her besties (as part of Piper Rockelle Live), meeting fans from all over the world, and making the *best* memories in the coolest cities. Not to mention she gets to make dance videos and mini-vlogs every day for her growing fanbase of nearly 500K on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube combined. 

"I've met so many wonderful people on tour," Jordynne, who's been creating content since she was 12, shares. "Meeting the fans is my favorite part. I always want to get to know them." 

But when she's not jet-setting from one tour stop to another, Jordynne embraces her fave hometown hobby: rollerskating. GL chatted with Jordynne about life on wheels—both on the tour bus and her rollerskates... 

Girls' Life: You've been touring with Piper for the past year. How'd you become so close?

Jordynne Hahn: We're like sisters. She just came into my life literally out of nowhere, and it's just a friendship that was meant to be. Like, I can't imagine not being friends with her. Our friendship happened really naturally, and she taught me a lot about filming videos. Like, my first video? I can't even watch it. I was sooo awkward. You know that standing emoji🧍‍♀️? That was literally what I looked like. But now, I don't even feel the camera's there. So it's really cool to see how I've grown from then to now. 

GL: Being on tour is a recipe for making new memories. How did you and your friends bond while on the road? 

Jordynne: So whenever we made it to a new city that we were performing in, we'd usually get to the hotel and try to look for either the best food or the food that the city is "known for". We explore the city, the landmarks, and visit the little gift shops. Personally, I collected the Starbucks cups that say the name of the city or country that we explored. They're so cute. I love them. 

GL: What is one memory from tour you'll never forget? 

Jordynne: At our Anaheim stop, we got to hang with a girl who was sponsored by Make-A-Wish Foundation. She was *so* sweet. She came to the show and got to hang out backstage with us. We went to dinner with her afterwards too and really got to know her—and it was heartbreaking to hear what she had gone through, but she taught me never to take anything for granted. She was such a sweetheart. I'm forever grateful for that girl. 

GL: And what has been the most challenging part of tour? 

Jordynne: Flying. I can't do planes. Turbulence? Forget it. And I fly all the time—I split my time between Los Angeles and Connecticut—but I'm still petrified. 

GL: We heard you're a fan of roller skating. How did you learn to skate? 

Jordynne: OK, funny story. So I grew up in a small town, like super small. Like, I'm not leaving the house without seeing five people I know. And there's a few main attractions here that teenagers do on the weekends, and one of them is a skating rink. I was never super into it, but when I was 11, I went skating with a couple of my girl friends just casually, and I saw this group of teenagers in the middle of the rink.

They were really cool, and I was kind of scared to go up to them at first, but eventually one of the kids came up to me and taught me how to skate really well. He introduced me to his friend group there, and they became like my family—my skate family. It's crazy how much skating bonded us. I love those people. Whenever I'm home, I'm probably at a rink. We call ourselves Rink Rats. 

GL: Do you have a favorite pair of skates? 

Jordynne: I'm really excited about this—I'm part of the VNLA skate team, which is super cool. It's been my favorite skate brand since I went to get my first pair of skates. I haven't actually gotten them yet, but I just customized a pair of VNLA skates with my own signature on it. They're pink and black, and they're the same model of the skates I have now. Those will be my favorites, for sure. 

GL: And what would your ideal roller skating fit look like? 

Jordynne: I want to be comfortable, but it's also really important to me that I look cute. I usually do a pair of the black Aerie crossover leggings, and then maybe a crop top or a hoodie. 

GL: With such a busy life, it might be hard to prioritize yourself. How do you practice self-care? 

Jordynne: Well, I always remind myself to be grateful for what I have. When I was little I wanted to do this so badly, and now I am. And that keeps me grounded. I don't always talk about my influencing with my hometown friends, but it's nice to have talks with the friends that do influence, because they can totally relate. The other thing that I like is working out. I've gotten really into weight training recently. I've been going like four times a week, and it's super important to me. 

GL: If you could give your younger self any advice, what would it be? 

Jordynne: A lot of people will be negative to you about posting. People you used to be friends with might not want to be friends with you anymore. It's crazy because it happens to a lot of teen influencers I know, but it's so important not to listen to anyone else's opinions of you. 

Stay tuned to Jordynne's latest YouTube videos HERE! 

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by Laila Mayfield | 2/23/2024