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Catherine and Aubin Bradley told us everything they could about the new season of The Really Loud House

Grab your popcorn and turn up the volume—things are about to get *really* loud! One episode in and we're already obsessed with the newest season of Nickelodeon's The Really Loud House—and a lot of our excitement has to do with Catherine and Aubin Bradley. 

The irl sisters are reprising their roles as onscreen sisters Luan (the goofy, fun-loving prankster) and Lucy (the gloomy, mysterious goth gal) and loving every second of it. Earlier this week, the season 2 premiere of The Really Loud House confirmed what Catherine and Aubin shared with us: This season only levels up the show's hijinks and hilariousness.

We sat down with them to get the deets on the Louds' newest chapter and on how the sibs balance both sisterhood and stardom. At this point, TBH, we're not sure if we'd rather join the Loud family or the Bradley family...can we do both?

Girls' Life: What are you most excited for viewers to see in Season 2 of The Really Loud House?

Catherine Bradley: In Season 2, I really feel like you get to dive into each of our characters' personal worlds a lot more. There's so many exciting storylines. We have our musical episode with an amazing dance number. And I have a boyfriend that comes into the mix, too! 

Aubin Bradley: I love that we get to learn more details about all of the characters this season, especially Lucy. You get to see much more of how she feels which is fun because my character is normally very deadpan. There may even be some new characters introduced into Lucy's world...

GL: What's one way that your character grows in this newest season?

Aubin: We definitely get to see more of Lucy's emotional side. And we get to see more of what she likes to do, whether it's casting spells or scaring people, and what might be behind those unique interests.

Catherine: For Luan, we've already seen her do everything from stand-up to pranks. But in this season, we get a lot more of her personal relationships and how she brings comedy into everyday conversations, instead of always trying to perform.

GL: Can you share a favorite behind-the-scenes moment with one of your castmates?

Aubin: I'm actually in Las Vegas right now with one of our castmates, Lexi. We went to Cirque du Soleil, we grabbed donuts, we went shopping—it's been really fun. Everybody bonds so much onscreen and off-screen. 

Catherine: Since Luan learns how to drive this season, Brian Stepanek, who plays my dad on the show, literally took me to a parking lot during a lunch break while filming. And he actually gave me a driving lesson in real life. He's one of the funniest people I've ever met, and it was cool to get to have that "father moment" with my onscreen father. 

GL: What is it like to work alongside your sister on set?

Aubin: Since we're kind of like co-workers, we have a chance to connect through our work—to talk about it and help each other with it. She gives me a support system and makes me feel like I'm important. Somebody's always there to help me when I need to run my lines!

Catherine: Since our characters are so drastically different and we have different styles of comedy, Aubin and I have been able to learn a lot from each other. I've learned a ton from the way Aubin portrays Lucy. Even if she's younger than me, I can recognize all her talent and apply that to my own work. 

GL: Any words of wisdom for girls your age?

Catherine: My biggest advice right now is that no one should take themselves too seriously. It's easy to think that every little thing is the end of the world or a life-altering decision. But in the end, everything's going to be OK. Just try to enjoy yourself and find goodness in your life to appreciate.

Aubin: I love that very famous quote: "Comparison is the thief of joy." I know as a middle-school girl, comparison is a super big thing. You can't get caught up comparing yourself to other people—especially because other people's lives that you see on social media might not be what their life is actually like. So being who you are and being happy with who you are is what's important. 


Some fast family fun with Catherine and Aubin

Who's your fave fictional family (besides the Loud fam, ofc)?

Aubin: I was a huge fan of The Vampire Diaries, so I'd totally want to be a part of the Salvatore family.

Catherine: I love Modern Family, so I'd have to choose them.

If your irl family had a theme song, it would be...

Catherine: Anything by Coldplay—probably like "Paradise".

Aubin: Oh! Yeah, our whole family went to one of their concerts.

What's one thing you admire about each other?

Catherine: One thing I find endearing about Aubin is how humble she is. She always lifts others up.

Aubin: Catherine's really good at talking to people. She's so charming and funny.

Best Bradley family tradition?

Aubin: Every year we all going on a skiing vacation around this time of year, and I love to ski.

Catherine: On Christmas morning, since we were little, my mom makes us wait at the top of the stairs before running down to the tree. Even as we get older, we still do that.

Check out The Really Loud House on Nickelodeon! 

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by Katherine Hammer and Madelon Basil | 2/25/2024