Catching up with OG YouTubers... where are your faves now?

Do you ever miss the days of black Friday hauls, vlogmas, morning routines and all things Target. Well, so do we. If you're looking for a trip down memory lane, buckle up and get ready to relive all the OG YouTube memories. We're here to catch you up on all your faves and spill all the deets on what they're up to now. 

1. Bethany Mota

If you're anything like us, you miss the days of running to Aeropostale for the latest Bethany Mota collection and the countless times recreating DIYS Beth made tutorials for. As a true pioneer for the lifestyle YouTube community, Bethany Mota paved the way for a whole generation of YouTubers who could do it all. Not only did she go on tour, have incredible merch and so support so many Motavators, she also helped us get through school, heartbreaks and so much more. Now, Beth is still making incredible YouTube content, while having grown from her time in the spotlight and now reflecting her authentic self. 


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2. Zoe Sugg

Otherwise known as Zoella, Zoe Sugg stole our hearts with her adorable hairstyles, makeup tutorials and of course her amaze relationship with Alfie Deyes. You might remember racing to Barnes and Noble to snag a copy of her book Girl Online or spending every December binge-watching her Vlogmas videos. While Zoe has been in the YouTube community for years now, she has easily earned her spot as one of the most comforting influencers out there. Now, Zoe just had her first baby and is still killing it with the YouTube content. 


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3. Alisha Marie 

If you were anywhere on YouTube in 2015, you'll easily remember watching the #Schoolisha series during back-to-school season or the infamous collabs with besties Mia Sayoko and Eva Gutowski. Alisha Marie was giving us all the lifestyle and beauty tips we could ever need, with iconic videos like her Target vlogs and Starbucks adventures. Nowadays, Alisha is killing it while co-hosting her podcast "Pretty Basic" with Remi Ashten and running her own clothing brand Parallel Apparel with her sister Ashley. 


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4. Adelaine Morin 

Welcome to the happiest place on the internet, Adelaine Morin's iconic channel. The queen of Girls Supporting Girls, Adelaine's channel has always been a place of refuge for girls to forget about their struggles and enjoy Adelaine's honest content. Whether she's getting creative with celebrity-inspired makeup looks or sharing her stellar advice on growing up, Adelaine is always the best friend we need. Even as she grows up, Adelaine is still making relatable content and even runs her own clothing line Girls Supporting Girls

5. Niki and Gabi

If you remember Niki and Gabi's iconic twin morning routines, realities of being a sister and epic black Friday hauls, you've been on YouTube for a while. Our OG twin queens have been making fun and creative content for years now and it is so amazing to see how much they've grown. We're still thinking about their collabs with other OG YouTubers like MyLifeAsEva and Alisha Marie and dying for them to recreate their Tumblr-inspired routine videos. Niki and Gabi are still making iconic sibling content, while each finding their own passions like music and fashion. 

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by Jasmine Robinson | 12/2/2021