EXCLUSIVE! Symonne Harrison and Nick Bencivengo dish on their dreamy new single

Need a mood boost after binging breakup songs on Red (Taylor's Version)? We've got it—straight from social media power duo Symonne Harrison and Nick Bencivengo. Their new single "With You" (stream it here!) is *all* about their unstoppable love story, so we had to hear alllll the deets on how their sound and music video came together. Read on for the romantic tale...

Girls' Life: So what's "With You" all about?

Nick: We co-wrote our first original song and it's basically about our relationship and all our memories together. We wanted to just come together and write a song that's relatable. Hopefully our fans will catch some memories in there and other people can just enjoy the song and think it's really cool. 

Symonne: We put some of our favorite moments into the lyrics and the music video, which is all about Polaroid pictures and looking back on memories. We mentioned a helicopter ride that Nick took me on during our first date and we got to recreate that for the music video. 

Girls' Life: Which artists inspire you?

Symonne: Billie Eilish. Her style and everything is *so* cool. I've listened to her for years and she's honestly one of my favorite artists. Also, Shawn Mendes, we kind of wanted our song to have the "Senorita" vibe. The sounds aren't necessarily similar, but we took a lot of inspiration from that song. 

Nick: My favorite artists are Jack Harlow and Lil Nas X. Lil Nas X is super creative—he always spices things up and does crazy things for his releases. It gets all the news. And Jack Harlow is a really amazing artist. I love the way both of them perform and how they treat their fans.

Girls' Life: Fave lyric in "With You"?

Symonne: My favorite's in the bridge: "I can dance through the night because I'm losing time when I look in your eyes." I remember writing it and when we read it back, it just stood out to me. We both love dancing and did a rain scene to go along with it in the music video.

Nick: That's my favorite line also, but I can't choose it now! So I'd say "we started out as friends, but you know how the story ends." I love the way it flows and rhymes and also the meaning of it. Of course, our story isn't finished yet.

Girls' Life: What's it like having a relationship in the public eye on social media?

Nick: It's really fun that so many people support us and are there with us. It feels like we're one big family.

Symonne: It's so cool to see everyone's love and support. For a lot of people, they might get comments that get to them because they put so much of their relationship online. We don't really get that kind of stuff. We just take our normal lives and put it on there, but it's not like we do stuff for social media. When you watch our videos, you feel like you're on FaceTime with us. 

Nick: It makes social media super easy because we just record our daily lives. The things we get to do with it are amazing. I'd have to agree about the comments being a con—people thinking our relationship is this way or that way because we have it so public.

Girls' Life: With Thanksgiving coming up, what's something you're grateful for this year?

Symonne: Definitely thankful that I get to see my family this year. Last year I didn't get to see them. I'm thankful for the amazing people around me. It's going to sound cheesy, but I'm thankful I met Nick this year. I went through a really hard time with friends and everything, and I feel like I wouldn't have gotten through it as well without him being there.

Nick: I'm most grateful for the health of my family—my brother just a baby and it was a success. I'm an uncle now. And obviously very grateful for Symonne as well.

Girls' Life: Finally, what words of wisdom would you give young people out there watching you?

Symonne: When things get hard, or you try something new and it isn't going as planned, don't worry so much. There's always a plan in life—whatever you want to do, never stop, even if it seems unrealistic. When I was little I always watched YouTube and thought, "These people are so cool, I want to be a YouTuber." Now, I am. Keep going at what you love. If you love what you're doing, you're going to be successful in some way.

Nick: I'd say close to the same thing. In middle school, I feel like kids always have problems with you or want to say something because your path is different. But do what you love and stick to it. You can't focus on what other people say. Don't let it affect you.

Stay tuned for the "With You" music video premiering Nov. 13 on YouTube!

Image: @symonneharrison/Instagram.

by Katherine Hammer | 11/12/2021