Rosie McClelland talks girl power and her latest bop "Girls"

We all remember Rosie McClelland from her iconic debut with her cousin Sophia Grace on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, when they sang "Super Bass" by Nikki Minaj. Since those days, Rosie has grown up a lot—she's now 14 and has *def* been thriving in the music industry.

Rosie recently came out with a major bop called Girls that sheds light on the importance of girl empowerment.

"Girls are independent and can do whatever they want," Rosie told us. "The song is saying we don't need boyfriends, or girlfriends or anybody. We just need to be independent and spend time with our friends, especially as young teenage girls, like me."

Rosie talked with us about the major role her gal pals play in her life, and the inspo they gave her for the *iconic* title Girls. "I go to an all-girls school, and all my friends there are probably some of the most important people in my life. They support me in everything I do so they really inspired me to make that song." 

Rosie gushed about how this is definitely her *fave* song above all of the songs she's come out with so far. So when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, she was pretty crushed that she and her team wouldn't be able to record the music video for it.

Although filming for the music video has been postponed, the *amazing* fan reactions to her song and lyric video have been coming in like rapid fire. 

"So many people told me that the song inspired them to be themselves and not to listen to other people or what they think," Rosie told us. "I don't do singing because I want to be famous, I want to do it because I want to spread joy to the world and make people happy."

One of Rosie's biggest role models is Ariana Grande.

"Since childhood, she loved singing, and I've heard she does it because she loves doing it. She's an amazing singer," Rosie says. "She's gone everywhere and is known worldwide. She's a big inspiration to me."

And fun fact: Rosie was actually on an episode of Nickelodeon's Sam and Cat with her role model aka Ariana Grande called #TheBritBrats.

"That was my favorite thing I did when I was little, when I think about it now I'm like omg I worked with Ariana Grande, and all my friends are like 'OMG you met Ariana Grande!'" she spills. "She was singing the whole time so I learned a lot from that, and she gave me tips to stay in school and be yourself. She was a genuinely lovely person. Whenever we go to LA we stay in touch with Jennette McCurdy, and she follows me on social media."

When Rosie isn't singing, you can always find her hanging (now Zooming) with her besties. She let us in on all the deets and dynamics of her friend group.

She told us all about how *crazy* they are when they're together and all the fun they always have. In pre-COVID-19 days, they would always go shopping together, go out to town and have tons of sleepovers. And during quarantine? Rosie FaceTimes at least one of her friends every day and loves going on walks with her cousin Lily and their dog. 

Rosie's got very big hopes and dreams for the future, and a lot of them center around acting and her already *amaze* music career.

"I've always wanted to be an actress, I'd love to star in a Disney movie. When I was younger I always wanted to be Cinderellas' daughter,  I wanted Cinderella's dress as my wedding dress and I still do to this day," she says. "I also love Nickelodeon, I'd star in a Nickelodeon movie and any movie where I can wear a fancy dress and be a princess in a way."

Another one of Rosie's big goals for her future is to go on a world tour and to drop some albums.

Clearly, Rosie is a very busy girl, but when she's not working it's safe to say she's either watching Avatar, Mulan, or Frozen. This girl *loves* her daily dose of Disney.

Her advice for GL readers?

"Stay in school! Both Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande told me that, so I'm going to pass that on because it's a big part of your life and you'll make so many friends. Be yourself and don't let anybody else change you. You are you, so if you want to be a singer, a dancer or anything just be that because it's your life. Staying positive will always build your confidence up."


by Hayley Miller | 11/25/2020