DeVore Ledridge says she was "devastated" when Jake Paul left Bizaardvark

The Bizaardvark cast is still feeling the effects from Jake Paul's exit!

We chatted with DeVore Ledridge, who plays the show's amazing Amelia, to get her take on Jake leaving the show last month. "I basically walked into his dressing room the other day and I couldn't even be in there. I keep wanting to walk in there and just show him a funny video on Instagram and I can't really do that anymore," Amelia says. "[The set] has been very empty." But she knows that it's what's best for everyone. "I know that he's doing really great and so are we."

How bummed she's been since Jake left really shows the super strong bond the whole cast has. And what her castmates and the Bizaardvark crew did for her sixteenth birthday proves it even further. "On my birthday, I walked up to my dressing room and opened the door and there were streamers in my room and confetti. There were cakes and presents and balloons all hung up. The cast was all in there and they sung me happy birthday—that was when Jake was still here," Amelia says. "I'm so glad he got to be a part of that." We <3 how much the cast loves each other! 

You also likely recently saw DeVore looking gorg at BeautyCon LA. We can't get enough of this eye look she rocked on day one—and we're even more obsessed knowing it was inspired by an Instagram beauty tutorial! 

"I was staying up late on my phone and watching beauty tutorials—because that's what takes up half my day—and I found this look and I asked my makeup artist if we could try it. I never really tried pink tones on my eye before, but I loved it!"

Do you wish Jake was back on Bizaardvark? What's your fave Amelia moment from the show? Let us know in the comments!

by GL | 8/24/2017
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