Alex Aiono says he's releasing new music sooner than you think!

We're going to go out on a limb and say that you one of the 4.5+ million people subscribed to Alex Aiono's YouTube channel. That's where he posts dreamy and inventive covers of your favorite songs, like Drake's "One Dance" that has over 53 million views and this amazing mash up he did with tourmate Will Singe of "Black Beetles," "Confessions" and "No Problem" that has over 37 million views. Maybe you've seen him on an episode of Royal Crush or talking to one of your favorite artists over at Radio Disney?

If you haven't, well, allow us to introduce you. GL readers, meet Alex. Right now, he's wrapping up the Changes Tour (check out this video of Alex's LA show right here!) with Aussie singer-songwriter and fellow YouTube cover maveric, Will. At his recent stop in Washington D.C., Alex answered all of our burning questions (new music? best Snapchat filter? go-to emoji?) just so that you can get to know him a little bit better. Read on for the deets!

Girls' Life: It's April, which feels like a good time to remind you of your New Year's resolutions—which ones are you still holding on to and which ones got left behind?
Alex Aiono: When I do resolutions, I do two resolutions. I do one resolution that's crazy, then I do one that's just like a regular, "Oh, I wanna eat healthy." It's hard on tour because when you go to Boston you wanna eat clam chowder, when you go to Chicago you wanna eat deep dish pizza, when you go to New York you wanna have New York-style pizza, when you go to any state you just wanna have that state's pizza. The the moral of the story is: everybody wants pizza.

GL: So true! What was your outlandish resolution? 
AA: I wanted to go to 10 countries I've never been to. So far I've done zero of them—but I'm going to the Philippines soon which I've never been to. Then we're going to Ireland just for fun so that'll be two. Then we're going to Amsterdam which is in Holland and Copenhagen in Denmark. Then I found out I'm also going to be going to Norway in June, so six months in I'm gonna be halfway there so we're on a good track.

GL: Speaking of adventures, let's talk about "Work The Middle." How did it feel to release it?!
AA: I was a little nervous to put out original music because all the fans know me for is covers and as the kid that sits in his room and plays beats on his computer. But I wasn't nervous in the sense of fear of failing. Just nervous as in, well, "They might not like it and I'm gonna have to be okay with that."

GL: We looove that song, but we want more original music. What else do you have in store this year?
AA: Definitely a lot! I can tell you that we have new music and we have dates for that new music to come out, but I can't tell you when and I can't tell you what. It'll be sooner than everybody expects—unless you're expecting it to come out tomorrow. It's not coming out tomorrow!

GL: You're co-hosting the Radio Disney Music Awards this month—tell us about it!
AA: I'm really excited. I have some good friends that are gonna be doing it with me: Jordan Fisher, Jenna Ortega, Sofia Carson and Kelsea Ballerini. I found out that I was nominated for an award, too, and that's crazy because I was like, "Man, how great would it be if I got to host it and then I won an award?" and then Jordan one-upped me and is hosting, he's nominated *and* he's performing!

GL: Dang it, Jordan! OK, time for a #deep question: What's your fave Snapchat filter right now?
AA: The bunny that makes your face a little triangle and changes your voice. It's the absolute best right now!

GL: That one's so cute! Which one's the worst?
AA: I don't understand the one that makes your face square and and it makes your voice lower. The one that gives you glasses and the moustache is creepy, too.

GL: Go-to emoji at the moment?
AA: The laughing emoji, but really close second is the pepper emoji.

GL: What's the last song you played on your phone?
AA: I was listening to "Girls Like Me" by Will Joseph Cook. He's not a super popular artist but he's fire. He's dope.

GL: What's the most starstruck that you've ever been?
AA: Probably when I worked with John Legend. I know every single John Legend song that's on a record, even songs he's written with other people for their records, so working with him was crazy surreal because I got to just meet him and and get to know who he is as a person. 

GL: What movie soundtrack would *love* to be a part of?
AA: The Tarzan soundtrack—it's absolute fire. Phil Collins is such a genius. And the Hercules soundtrack. I'll just listen to those two soundtracks randomly.

GL: What's one thing fans would be surprised to know about you?
AA: I'm not actually Hispanic. Even though I sing in Spanish and I'm tan and I can pass for Hispanic, I'm not. Also, I have really bad ankles. I've sprained my ankle many times, more times than a person should probably sprain their ankle—like double digit times.

GL: What are you most looking forward to this year?
AA: It's been such a great start and I'm excited for the rest of the year for the new music and the new touring. I've got the greatest fans in the world. They're the reason I get to play shows and I get to go to the Philippines and I get to make crazy, outlandish New Year's resolutions and actually have them come true.

Check out photos from Alex's show at 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. below!

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by Sydney Adamson | 4/3/2017
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