AJR's new album Living Room will have you dancing all around the house

With bands like Haim, Cimorelli and Echosmith blowing up, it seems like siblings make the best bandmates these days. Brothers Adam, 24, Ryan, 21, and Jack, 17, take their band AJR to the next level, though. Not only are these bros making bomb music together, they're also doing it all themselves. With a unique sound all their own, these tunes manage to mix digital tunes with samples and totally authentic vocals. All of the songs are completely original and also super fun.

The boys write and record all of their music in their apartment, looking to classic bands like Simon & Garfunkel, The Beach Boys and The Jackson Five for inspiration. Somehow, though, AJR keep their sound totally fresh and sound just as new as they do familiar. Standout songs on their new debut album Living Room include the second track "Infinity," their first hit "I'm Ready" and the awesome "Pitchfork Kids."


This track is totally light and upbeat and so easy to sing along to. The boys' voices come across super honest and combine perfectly for this cool, optimistic song. More calm than some of the others, "Infinity" is a sweet authentic track that picks up at the chorus.  

Check out the music video for "Infinity" below. 

"I'm Ready"

Starting with a sample of Spongebob Squarepants's famous mantra, this tune is totally silly and light-hearted. Though the chorus takes on a slightly more serious vibe, the boys pick the pop-y tone right back up after with a series claps and harmonies.

"Pitchfork Kids"

This song is unlike any you've ever heard before. With a mix of hip-hop, electric and indie sounds, AJR create a sound you won't quickly forget. Less of a dance-song than other picks, "Pitchfork Kids" is still just as much fun to jam out to.

Check out more of AJR's music on their YouTube page, but don't forget to grab your own copy of their debut album Living Room, out today (3/3). 

What do you think of these brothers' unique sound? Would you listen to more? Let us know in the comments below.  


by Chelsea Duff | 2/1/2016