Outfits inspired by That '70s Show and That '90s Show

That '90s Show is the spinoff fans of That '70s Show have been craving for years. However, you don't have to be a fan of one to enjoy the other! Even if you didn't live through either decade, these shows have us falling in love with the styles of the times. We created outfits based on our fave gals from both shows that'll have you stunning in the '20s. 

That '70s Show


To match Donna's style, you need a flannel (American Eagle, $50) and jeans (Old Navy, $37). Add a brown belt (American Eagle, $25) and choker (Amazon, $7) to match. And these brown boots (Nordstrom Rack, $159)? They totally scream Donna. Don't forget the iconic bandana (Madewell, $15).


Jackie has always been known as a fashion queen. You can copy one of her more well-known outfits with this blue shirt (Hollister, $20) and jean skirt (Walmart, $26). Stand out with some rainbow socks (Amazon, $7) and sandals (Target, $23). Jackie is all about accessories, so the red neckerchief (Walmart, $7), heart belt (Shein, $3) and knocker hair ties (Amazon, $6) will bring the whole look together.

That '90s Show


Our girl Leia is a layering queen. To get her look, you just need to layer a cute, casual floral dress (Forever 21, $20) over a white t-shirt (Amazon, $12). Pair with some sneakers (Converse, $65) and cute jewelry like these smiley face stud earrings (Francesca's, $15). Pack your backpack (Jansport, $65), and you'll be sure to turn heads on your way to class!


This maroon cropped shirt (Target, $5) looks just Gwen's. Wear it with some denim shorts (H&M, $20) and combat boots (Kohl's, $60). Tie a blue flannel (Aerie, $60) around your waist and throw on some jewelry like this multi-strand choker (Claire's, $15) and bracelet set (Amazon, $15). 


Nikki always looks the most put-together of the '90s crew. For a more casual look, wear a striped collared vest (Cider, $20), mom jeans (ASOS, $36) and red shoes (Toms, $50). Accessorize your fit with a red scrunchie (Claire's, $5), pearl flower earrings (Francesca's, $21) and a daisy ring (Pura Vida, $14).

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by Natalie Misyak | 3/5/2023