Pajama time! These sleepy-time ensembles are seriously sweet


Packing for a slumber party—or just trying to look chic while cuddled up? Balancing comfy and cute is no easy feat, but wearing pretty PJs can be a surprisingly effective mood booster (and makes getting in bed even better, if that's possible!). Ditch your baggy old sweats and try one of these *adorbs* ensembles instead. 
  • pjslide1.png

    Get cozy in a soft cotton tee and fuzzy slippers. Add a touch of personal style with a fun print in your fave colors, and don’t forget to cuddle up with this totally huggable OMG pillow.


    Athletic Blue Tri-Blend Light Weight Raglan Pullover, $38,

    SO Pajamas Woven Pajama Shorts Juniors, $12,

    Accessorize Supersoft Slipper Boots, $9,

    Emoticon Pillows, $15,

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    Get ready for a night of fun with this super cute PJ set. Step into some cuddly bunny slippers and, when it’s time to finally go to sleep, cover up with a warm and cozy blanket.


    Dark Blue Jersey pajamas, $18,

    Coral JCPenny Home Velvet Plush Solid Throw, $12,

    Classic Bunny Slippers, $30,

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    Keep things light and airy in these flowy PJ pants and a lightweight tee. Add furry moccasins and a snuggly blanket for the ultimate ensemble.


    Blue Moon Slub Crewneck Tee, $30,

    Minnetonka Moccasin Britt Trapper Slipper Cinnamon, $35,

    Room Essentials™ Microfleece Blanket, $13,

    Ruched Pajama Pant, $35,

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    Rest your head on a squishy pillow and get some beauty sleep in this sweet nightgown. Aloe-infused fuzzy socks will keep your feet warm and moisturize as you wear them. And if you’re a light sleeper, these oh-so-sophisticated eyeshades will block out any light that comes your way.

    SO Lace—Trim Chemise Juniors, $17,

    Microbead Cushie Roll Pillow 7”x12”, $14,

    Airplus Aloe Infused Ultra Moisturizing Socks, $7,

    Double Sided Silk Eye Mask,$20,


by Samantha Max | 2/1/2016